Ms Jasmines Birthday Part 1: Lala Chong

On the 10th of June, It came the time where our beloved lecturer Ms Jasmine has finally gotten a year older. She had been our F&B lecturer for a year and believe me she is one hell of a lecturer! Totally missed the times where we were under her as she doesn't teach degree students.

So as for part 1 of the celebration of her birthday, we headed over to Lala Chong for seafood at Damansara since its one of her favourite joints. It was actually a 3-group event but somehow only about 10-15 came. We ordered a number of dishes and it was a great meal till we can't somehow finish the food.

So lets start off by going to the pictures shall we?

William & Serene
Serene & William
Charlie, Joshua, Chung
Charlie, Joshua, Chung
Chinese Tea
Chung and Kah Wai starting to pour the chinese tea
Tofu Soup
Tofu soup
Kai Lan
Mantis Pranws, Butter Prawns, Sweet & Sour Prawns
Mantis Prawns
Steamed Patin
Steamed Patin
Sweet & Sour Crab
Sweet & Sour Crabs
Steamed bun to go with the gravy of the crabs
Butter Crab
Butter Crabs
Group Picture at lala chong
Ms Jasmine enjoying herself
Eunice, Mei Juin, Yin
Eunice, Mei Juin & Yinying
Group Picture at lala chong
Ms Jasmine with the girls
Group Picture at lala chong
Ms Jasmine with the guys
Group Picture at lala chong
A group photo
Group Picture at lala chong
Group photo *blame the waiter on bad angling*

The food was really fantastic and the bill was about RM700 for all of it. I would say it'll be on par with boston baru of klang.

Thats all for this post :) will continue the 2nd part of it soon! stay tuned!


Henry Lee said…
i want that prawn n crab! XD drooling...