Hennessy Artistry at Zouk KL


The 3rd Hennessy Artistry for this year had just taken place last Saturday at Zouk, Kuala Lumpur. It featured Artiste such as DJ Tempo, Summer Daniels, Joe Flizzow, Sona One and Ad Bangers. You can check my previous blog post on it Here

So as for that night, i reached Zouk early about 7.30pm as there was suppose to be a small gathering for the media and artiste together to just conduct small interviews. But sadly, due to bad weather, it was cancelled off. So technically we were just chilling around the place till it started much later. But anyways, I was still able to take photos with 2 artist which are DJ Tempo and Summer Daniels :)

So i shall head to the pictures for the night:
VIP line
The canopy at the front of Zouk which had the registration and mixing zones
The Hennessy Mix Master
Summer Daniels and DJ Tempo
Bloggers doing their thing while waiting for it to start

*credits to Jason*

So after all the glamourous shots that were taken outside, We headed inside the main room of Zouk where the party started! With Music, Lights and awesome friends, What more can a person ask for a clubbing paradise? So as the night continued, There were plenty of drinks to get high, and eventhough the Free flow stopped at the main area, The VIP areas were still flowing with Hennessys :)
The DJ Booth
Free Flow of Hennessy
doing nutty stuffs
We had more than 4 tables allocated for bloggers:)
Jamie and I
Victoria, Michelle and I
Samantha, Kelvin, Victoria
Victoria, Samantha, Xiang
Joshua, Victoria, Nigel, Wen Pink
The Incredible yet beautiful host, Sarah Lian
Joe Flizzow
Sona One
Summer Daniels rocking the Stage
and we danced all night long!

It was another great happening event as the music was awesome and yet with the free flow of Hennessys. Can't wait for the next Hennessy Artistry! wonder where it'll be at LOL