Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 2

Project Alpha Season 2 has finally reached the end. It went on for 50 episodes in 50 days and it featured local and international places such as London.It was hosted by the amazing Jojo Struys and It was dramatic and also had all the interesting scoops of what celebrity bloggers did and it really spiced up my life as it kept me coming back for more. It featured bloggers such as KY Speaks, Cheeserland, Ninie Ahmad, Shaolin Tiger, Niki Cheong, Joe Lee and Azwan Ali.

As for the best bits of Project Alpha Season 2, 1 of it would definitely be in London. It featured another famous blogger, Xiaxue. It was awesome as I got to know more about London and also to know how Xiaxue and Mike hooked up and had lasted till today.

Another part i love would be the trip to the Zoo with Shaolin Tiger, Cheeserland and KySpeaks. It was interesting to know about how the animals get along with humans and also to see Cheesie scream her lungs out as she is afraid of snakes. And adding more to that, It also had behind the scenes with the animals where normal people can't go

The last part which i enjoyed the most would be with Ninie Ahmad. Being the ambassador for Adidas, She could easily be my role model as she has the figure, the stamina and the guts as a yoga instructor. With the awesome moves she did for her yoga classes, it is truly inspiring on where she is now and how she got there

If you had missed the last bits of Project Alpha Season 2, You can check out the last 4 videos of Project Alpha here:

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