Baba Nonya Cuisine in Malacca

Since this is the 2nd part of my Malacca Trip, It will be more on the food. As everyone knows Malacca is famous for their BabaNonya cuisine as its origin is here. So Charlie brought us to one of the best Babanonya restaurant and seriously its food was superb! Didn't take much pics though as the lightings were quite terrible and at that time i didn't have my DSLR yet.

So anyways the name of the restaurant is:
Restaurant Bibik Neo
located at No. 4 & 6, Ground Floor, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya

so as for the food:
Asam Fish
Some prawn kinda curry
mixed veggies

As night came, We headed over to jonker walk to have some walks and the funny yet curious thing is this latest way of making ice creams:
They use flavours such as Kickapoo, lime and so on in liquid form, and place it into small tubes that is placed in a bucket of ice
He'll twist it from right to left and after some time, the cooling effect from the ice will transfer to the tubes, hence the liquids in the tubes will freeze up and become ice cream

As for the last part of the food, There is nothing more popular than Satay Celup at Malacca. We headed over to Capitol Satay since it is the most popular and can be considered the cleanest as they change the sauce everytime. and also cos Charlie can bring us in faster since he knows the boss there lol
the satay sauce

Well i can really say that i've put on a few kg's just cos of 3 days in Malacca. But well its worth it! Malacca is the land of foods :) CHARLIE I'M COMING AGAIN! LOL


Vince G said…
Oh ya! Satay celup too!