Wednesday, June 30, 2010


One of the previous Saturdays, Victoria came over and i planned to bring her out to watch A-Team. But sadly she wasn't in the mood to do anything that day. So hence after giving some thought, I knew she wanted to go to I-City as she always saw our friends go there. So i brought her there to be Syok Sendiri with a DSLR to capture some photos there.

The jam towards I-City was terrible as it took nearly an hour just to reach there. Another part that spoiled this trip is that it is so crowded there and it was hard to get any nice shots without people in the background. And the best part is, There was a big ass projector there to broadcast the World Cup =.= more reasons for those without Astro to go there and watch the world cup pfft!

So anyways i'll head on to the pics that we took that day. It is mainly camwhore pictures so try to get use to it =P

Crowded toot
Pretty Trees
More trees
and more Trees!
Victoria with petit trees
Victoria and I
Victoria and I
Victoria and I
Another scene
Victoria and I
Shout out loud!
Victoria and I
just being plain dumb
Victoria with the " Mervyn's " *inside joke*
Sakura Trees
Victoria and I
Sakura Trees
Portrait pic?
Victoria and I
the last pic of the day with some white trees behind us

I would say it is a beautiful place to go as it was turned from a waste land to something very pretty. but make sure you don't go on a weekend or football season or it will be quite regretable.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Is what I named the album I had on Photobucket and its uploaded/filled with pictures of me and you. Of which I beam when I open my photobucket because being TOGETHER with you is what brightens my dull days. You're the one I look forward to every weekend, you're the first one I thought of when I'm sad, you're also the first one I think of when I feel happy.

Pokoknya, you're always in my mind =)
*har har har~ ran out of romantic words, sorry la your girl friend not very romantic with words, you have to bear with "what" and "oii" la, okay? Not okay also need to be okay! Teehee*


Happy 7th Month-niversary Bie~
I You

I made you angry for petty reasons(petty sounds like accounts xD) and so I'm busting into your space and apologize. I don't mean it =( Just want to be with you for longer periods.
You know I don't mean it.

Mehehehehehehe, kambing mengembek s you =)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ms Jasmines Birthday Part 2: Brussels

This is the continuation of my previous post, which is the celebration of Ms Jasmine's birthday at Lala Chong. you can view it HERE. Most of the girls had to go back early as they had curfue so anyways the rest of us headed over to Brussels beer cafe to celebrate with the other classmates who wasn't able to make it to Lala Chong.

We met up with Mr Patrick and the rest and had a big ass table at Brussels. Beer was constantly flowing into our bellies and shucks I've got a belly now =( but well thats the price you pay for drinking =) The best part of this drinking session is when Ms Jasmine kept on drinking full glasses of Stella. Thats Hot! LOL.

lets start with the pictures ;)
Ms Jasmine
Ms Jasmine with her birthday card
Group Picture at brussels
My wife and kids
Group Picture at brussels
Group pic
Evon & I
Evon and I
Samantha & Joshua
Joshua and Samantha
Lisa, Kah Wai, Serene
Lisa, Kah Wai, Serene
Evon & Samantha
Evon and Samantha
Mr Patrick
Mr Patrick down-ing his beer
Ms Jasmine
Ms Jasmine down-ing her beer
Celine & I
Celine and I
Group Picture at brussels
Big ass group pic
Group Picture at brussels
Put your hands up in the air!
Group Picture at brussels
Our last group pic!

It was a memorable night as it was a gathering of all our old classmates with our beloved lecturers. Since we've stepped into degree, we've been caving for quite a while already. We left quite early since we had classes the next morning :( but I would definitely live a night like this again!

Shall update soon as its my exam period =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ms Jasmines Birthday Part 1: Lala Chong

On the 10th of June, It came the time where our beloved lecturer Ms Jasmine has finally gotten a year older. She had been our F&B lecturer for a year and believe me she is one hell of a lecturer! Totally missed the times where we were under her as she doesn't teach degree students.

So as for part 1 of the celebration of her birthday, we headed over to Lala Chong for seafood at Damansara since its one of her favourite joints. It was actually a 3-group event but somehow only about 10-15 came. We ordered a number of dishes and it was a great meal till we can't somehow finish the food.

So lets start off by going to the pictures shall we?

William & Serene
Serene & William
Charlie, Joshua, Chung
Charlie, Joshua, Chung
Chinese Tea
Chung and Kah Wai starting to pour the chinese tea
Tofu Soup
Tofu soup
Kai Lan
Mantis Pranws, Butter Prawns, Sweet & Sour Prawns
Mantis Prawns
Steamed Patin
Steamed Patin
Sweet & Sour Crab
Sweet & Sour Crabs
Steamed bun to go with the gravy of the crabs
Butter Crab
Butter Crabs
Group Picture at lala chong
Ms Jasmine enjoying herself
Eunice, Mei Juin, Yin
Eunice, Mei Juin & Yinying
Group Picture at lala chong
Ms Jasmine with the girls
Group Picture at lala chong
Ms Jasmine with the guys
Group Picture at lala chong
A group photo
Group Picture at lala chong
Group photo *blame the waiter on bad angling*

The food was really fantastic and the bill was about RM700 for all of it. I would say it'll be on par with boston baru of klang.

Thats all for this post :) will continue the 2nd part of it soon! stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story in 3D Premiere!

Toy Story

Thanks to Nuffnang, I was able to watch the premiere of Toy Story in 3D at Mid Valley. So with Victoria, Kaelan and Audrey, We headed over to Mid Valley to watch it. I would say it is a really good movie as it caters to both old and young. as it is a sequel for the old and is a new thing for the young.

I would rate it a 8.5/10 for this movie

So anyways i'll just get ahead with a few pictures of us in the premiere:

Toy Story
Yawning my life away
Toy Story
Victoria and I
Toy Story
Audrey and Kaelan
Toy Story
3d specs yo!

so for those that haven't watched this movie, I would recommend it greatly to you!