Working at Kelly Clarkson's Concert

Everyone was going crazy over Kelly Clarksons Concert on the 25th of April. From radio adds to so many other means, it was publisized all over and nearly everyone was so excited to see the 1st American Idol singing in Malaysia.

As for me, I ain't a real big fan but i was able to get a job with Maxis over there. Since Hotlink/Maxis is the official telco provider for Kelly Clarksons Concert, Victoria was able to get a few spaces for Me, Charlie, Joshua, Celestine, Chung & Mervyn to work there as Database Entry peeps.

The day started up with a heavy lunch at Boston Cafe and we headed over to Bukit Jalil about 3pm. We reached only to find out that LUNCH IS PROVIDED over there WTH! So anyways Our job scope was only rolling up posters and typing down the telephone numbers that were given to us.

But the telephone numbers that came in were so little, that even 1-2 people could take care of the database entry easily. So in the end, we were paid for just chatting, playing games on the pc and typing a few numbers into the database. Easy work even a lame man could do it haha =)

So lets go to the pictures:

Charlie Sleeping Cutely on the way there
Rolling up posters
Our Name Tags
Chung got his "special" t shirt that was provided
Everyone wore normal red tee's but he became the
Tauke Maggi Perisa Babi!

Doing our job

Wei Wei was having the same job as us

Celestine & Victoria

Chung Joshua & Mervyn

Vic and I

So as time passed by, We were practically playing for 5 hours during our working time. From Solitare to Hearts to Pinball to Drawing up Charlie's face on paint. Well but it was worth the money that they were paying us =)



The last group photo

As the concert came to an end, we just packed up, and got ready to go home.

The best part is: Maxis was so Stingy that they took back the nametags and t shirts from us WTF? after all the sweat that we put into the shirts, they took it back. Imagine the other promoters who are wearing the football jerseys and socks. Returning it in Smelly conditions? WTF wei Maxis

Thats all for this post. Will update soon =D


Aidi-Safuan said…
they took back your shirt? damn kedekut la! also the maggi shirt, funny lorh. :p
Samuel C said…
hahaa they memang kedekut siall
Ken Wooi said…
get paid for little work, good what? =P
jfook said…
That time I worked for Celcom also the same thing. I have to return them their T. But at least I washed it first lar. LOL
Wen Pink said…
walao so fun leh!!!! so sad i was too late to ask for te job :(
Kimberly Low said…
times are hard, companies have to cut costs from every angle hehe.
Baboon Tan said…
woah! have to return the shirts? omg!
return back the t shirt..... come on.. LOL...
kisahsensasi said…
are they going to recycle back the t shirt