Port Dickson Vacation

This is one backdated post which i yet suppose to post up a long time ago. During my break after my Diploma, Victoria, Mervyn, Eunice and I decided to take a trip down to Malacca & Port Dickson. This was because our initial plan of going to Redang was cancelled by our other classmates. So hence we decided to go by ourselves. I wont blog about this Malacca cos i'm a bit sien of that LOL but i'll blog about another Malacca Trip soon HAHA.

We headed over to Port Dickson on the 2nd day afternoon. And started hotel hopping since we didn't know which to choose. After jumping from Corus to Avillion and etc etc, We decided we should stay at Bayu Beach Resort. Since its always the typical choice of budget travellers, It was relatively cheap as it was RM280 for a 2 room apartment. It also had a great view from our apartment unit.

The view from our apartment unit

Since we arrived in the late afternoon, we were practically sweating from the whole journey and the hotel hopping. So we decided to just have a dip in the pool. Yet to find out, The pool water is actually WARM since the heat there was quite terrible. But well it didn't stop me =)

Victoria & I
Mervyn Drowning
Boys Jacun-ing over water
The four of us
Eunice portrait shot

*damn sexy bitch!*
Mervyn with his canon ball
I'm flying!

It looks so photoshopped HAHAA
And this is practically bullshit =D

a 5 feet dick yo!
The last shot at the pool

As night came, we decided to go for dinner at a restaurant near Thistle Resort (i forgot the name of the restaurant though). Since Mervyn said it was good, we went there to enjoy the seafood.

Sweet & Sour Crab
Some kinda prawn. In english its called the Pee-ing prawn =.=

can't recall its chinese name so yeah =) but its really a great dish!
Guinness Stout Chicken! this is their specialty and it really rocks socks baby! Its more orgasmic than a glass of stout HAHA

So after our dinner, We headed over to Thistle hotel since Mervyn used to train there for his internship. We headed over to the Cumulus bar which is located next to the beach and we ordered a few drinks while listening to the live band that was playing.
Sex on the beach, Grasshopper, Singapore Sling

The best part about the bar is, Mervyn's manager was there and he said all the drinks were on him! how awesome is that? going for awesome music and free drinks at the same time!

We headed back to our hotel and had more drinks, As i brought a bottle of Sparkling wine (Sparkling wine is Champagne but it cant be called Champagne as it is not produced in the Champagne Region in France) We finished up the bottle, actually i finished it up as all 3 of them only drank a glass each =.=

Undurraga Sparkling wine
I love the bubbles!
Eunice attacking Mervyn after the drinks

So as the night passed by, We had our breakfast the next morning and headed to the beach for a walk. We ended up collecting sea shells and just strolling around the beach
At the beach

This concludes this trip to Port and yeah it was refreshing after our Diploma ended. Can't wait to do this kinda things again!