My new DSLR!

Finally after a long awaited time, I'm able to get my DSLR which comprises of a Nikon D90, Nikon SB-900 and a Tamron SB AF 17-50mm F/2.8. A total cost of RM6,000 for the whole set.

Thanks to mumsie as she paid RM4k on it as it was partly my birthday present. =)

Better photos to come? Maybe XD

but also i'll still be using my Canon Ixus as i'm lazy to bring the Dslr everywhere HAHA


Nikel Khor said…
so great...have RM6000 DSLR
Victoria said…
Teehee!! Kaya bontot xD
Samuel C said…
nikel: teeheee =) yeahh hehe

Vic: toott lah LOL