I Am Finally 20!

On this day, 20 years ago I was born and finally 20 years later I often call myself AWESOME cause I had achieved many many achievements you can never think of and I keep all the newspapers and books and magazines which features my face!

I think my greatest achievement of all is this great relationship that I am in whereby I met my girlfriend online and we are now happily together for 6 months and more to come. Since today is my special day, I vow that I am gonna buy my girlfriend the LV's latest edition bag that she has always wanted and I will not get my pool cue for that sake cause I love her alot.


And obviously, I AM the girlfriend whom has finally succeeded in breaking an entry here and typed all those shits up there and I can forsee Sam's face go "WTF"!
Anyways love, HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY! And this is what I had prepared for you, ideas from a couple of friend and I thought it would not work out but it did! =)

Psst, this are all the friends that really care wtf LOLLL..

And below are the two entries of some of yourgaygood old schoolmate friends who doesn't understand dateline! LOL

Wheee!!! There! Happy Birthday Love and do not, I repeat, DO NOT change your password! LOL
Love you loads =)


Jackie said…
FUIYOOOO!! Happy Birthday SAM! :D :D
Justin Hee said…
Happy Birthday Bro!
wen pink said…
UR GF IS SO FREAKING SWEET CAN!!!! hahahah! Happy Birthday :)
Happy birthday SAM!! and omg victoria, VERY SWEET laaaa. super awwwww. =)
Jeffro said…
2. Wootza! Im first in the video!
3. Why my name spelled wrongly? T_T
4. LOL "Hi Dum Dum" xD
soo said…
i'm not into LVs. Will you save enough to get me a nice car?
Samuel C said…
jackie: thx man =) and thx for da editing

Justin: teehee thx bro =)

Wen: yeah she memang is

Amanda: XD totally

Jeffro: LOL dumb dumb! HAHAAA ask jackie

soo: BLEHHHH ask unc mike =)