Ejinn's 20th Birthday Celebration

It was planned for over a month by her mom to organize this surprise birthday party for Ejinn. Ejinn's Family, Churchmates and of course us Collegemates were waiting at her house while Celestine was luring her around pyramid. So as she was clueless, She stepped into the house with a her big jaw open wide as she saw all of us just chilling and shouting out Happy Birthday to her.

It was filled with laughter and shock as she didn't expect it and we were just laughing about it. So we headed on with the food as her mom catered for a whole buffet line and it was including a whole lamb being bbq-ed outside.

And the best part was, Ejinn's mom provided some really old alcohols for us to drink and enjoy the night

I shall proceed with the pictures:

10 Year Port Wine
Ejinn with the birthday presents from us
Ejinn's Cake from Edwin
Ejinn's Jelly Cake
Making her wishes
Cutting the cakes

As the celebration went on, It was filled with chatting, gambling and even torturing Ejinn at a certain point. As it was one of Mr Patricks great ideas to "mandi" her since it was her birthday.

Mr Patrick, Jia Mou, Me, Victoria

So as for the mandi-ing part of Ejinn, Mr Patrick came up with the idea of blindfolding her and everyone gets a chance of spitting water on her! Damn it was disgusting but yeah it was fun.
Ejinn blindfolded
Everyone getting a chance to spit on her =D

The night ended with a lot more photos and just chilling the night off

so the last few pics for the night are:
The Group pic
Kah Wai smelling Foo Haw's hand

*god knows why*

and lastly:
My beloved Ejinn

Happy birthday again babe! Shall see you soon XOXO