Chung's & Melvin's Birthday Celebration at Republic

This time it was Chung's & Melvin's birthday that was celebrated at Republic. We chose Republic for it as it is less crowded and there isn't any cover charges there. And for the 1st time that we're heading there, There weren't any accidents or mishaps. The previous mishaps would be Chung crashing his car before reaching and Ejinn's car window being broken into. So its a good sign that we aren't cursed this time! =D

Various classmates came and also we were joined by Mr Patrick and Chef Karam. Chef Karam is one of the chefs that created the menu items in Desserts Bar if you didn't know. We had a awesome night of drinking and dancing to the beat. And the best part is when you see your lecturers dance!

Crashing at Republic
Andrew, Melvin, Chia Chia, Eunice and Ricky
The BAG kacau-ed the photo pfft
Melvin, Eunice, Wei Ling and I
Stick your tongues out!
Chung enjoying the lamborghini by Di Wei
Chef Karam's friend enjoying another Lamborghini
The dance floor!
You can obviously see Chung is enjoying himself! hehe
Dance baby Dance!
Chef Karam taking the floor!

and the last part of the night ended with a:

Neh it didn't happen, The night ended and we chilled out for a nice mamak session.

Happy Birthday again Chung & Melvin!