Camera, Rolling & Action 3!

We're in the midst of Project Alpha Season 2 where everything has been hyped up and it has already reached Episode 15. From travelling to Sabah and now currently at London, We get the inside scoop of what Jojo and celebrity bloggers have been up to. If you don't know what is Project Alpha, It is an online TV series which involve bloggers in their daily life and you can get more info of it Here

So as the season is going on, There are small contests to each episode per day and there are daily prizes and grand prizes to be won from:
Adidas Merchandises to P1W1max packages to a 3 day 2 night vacation just for answering simple questions. So what are you waiting for? just watch the daily episodes and answer simple questions and you might be able to walk away with the Grand prize!

So anyways, Project Alpha has also came up with another event where us normal bloggers may become guest bloggers in the upcoming Project Alpha Season 3!

So how would you get selected? 1st you have to create a audition video and publish it in the ruumz website. Get your friends & Family to like it to increase your chances of getting selected. and you may be the next upcoming guest blogger for Project Alpha Season 3! And the best part is you may be able to meet celebrities if you're selected! woohoo!

So after an hour of last minute work, here is my audition video for the upcoming Project Alpha Season 3. Enjoy and like it if you would =) hehe

If you cant load it up, You can watch it Here

In the mean time, You may watch the latest episodes 11-14 of Project Alpha =)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS