Team 1koolz chillis celebration!

This is another backdated post which i didn't write about yet. This is about the previous celebration dinner for the Digi Pimp My Day Challenge which happened at 1 Utama. You may view that event HERE.

My team was named 1Koolz as it was Xiang's moto with "cool" and like the "1Malaysia" thingi. The team comprised of Me, Xiang, Jacquelyn, and Jackie and we had 4 external photographers following us around which were Justin, Samantha, Jeffro & Jason. So as for my team, we didn't manage to win the grand prize at that event but we appeared to be the best team in the Dance-off challenge which enabled us to win RM1200 of Chilli's Restaurant Vouchers!

So we decided on a date where we could all celebrate together. But somehow Jason & Justin weren't able to come. so it was left with us and some other friends we brought together.

The attendees for the night were:
Me, Samantha, Xiang
Victoria Pang, Alex, Jacquelyn
Jackie, Victoria Poh, Jeffro
Me & Vic

So as for the night, we ordered loads of food to be tested and tried out. It became to more of a buffet line for us as the whole table was filled with food and we really had not much place to put our things.

So as for the food i'm just gonna put a few pics on it:
Some kinda bread
Buffalo wings
Mashed potato
Chocolate Fudge
Jeffro posing with one of the lambshanks
Alex demonstrating how to suck a Corn!

So as the night continued, there was a lot of photo takings and talking sessions. And some even tried acting cute by doing the 1-10 kawaii poses. And as for some..we decided to get romantic
Jeffro & Jacquelyn
Now this is romantic!

As the night came to an end, we settled our bills and took our last group photos which will be remembered forever!
Chillis Vouchers
The Kool brothers
With the girls
The hunks! see the staircase?
the last group shot

So this is the end of this post. We had an awesome extreme time and 1Koolz will be back for more competitions to come!


~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said…
I miss this cool session bro =]
Nikel Khor said…
really a cool cool team and celebration with unstop food