No Strings Attached

Well you'll be wondering whats this post all about. No Strings Attached means there aren't any hidden obligations or conditions and definitely there isn't a catch. But the 1st thing that came to my mind about No Strings Attached was:

Well everyone knows about their famous hit "No Strings Attached" last time, but well i'm not gonna talk about that as that is the past LOL

The topic for today is P1W1max.
Lately there are so many packages from Phones to Computers to even Broadband Products. And everything is bound to a certain package that a person chooses. Well 1 thing for sure about P1W1Max is that it certainly has No strings attached!
P1W1max has come up with solid plans and packages without any hidden costs that will make the users unhappy. It also has awesome coverage in Malaysia which benefits the users as there will be less lagging and a good coverage.

Its latest plan is that you will only have to "Pay When You Play" which means if you don't use the broadband service, you wouldn't need to pay any fees for it. Which in direct translation is No Strings Attached!

You could choose from the following packages:

Wiggy 59 with 600kbps 8gb usage at RM59
Wiggy 89 with 1.5mbs 15gb usage at RM89
Wiggy 129 with 3mbs 30gb usage at RM129

and for sure it'll be an awesome start for your strong coverage in internet speeds in your life!

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