My favourite Sport

Well definitely from my blog itself, You would know that i love Cheerleading. Its an awesome sport recognized all over the world and its filled with teamwork, stunts, dance, flips and excitement!

If you knew Cheerleading any better, I would say that it is just pure hard work, practise and dedication to get you to where you want to be as it requires a lot of precision and accurate timing and stunts to get the show going. With just a slight mistake, the whole pyramid may fall or dangerous accidents may happen.

So well even though with all the risk involved in it, It still is my favourite sport and it will always be. Eventhough i'm only able to coach now and am not performing anymore due to injuries & college, I would gladly go back if i had a chance for it.

So if you're thinking Why cheerleading?
1st you must ask yourself. Are you able to do awesome stunts? such as a:

Wolf Wall

2nd question: are you able to flip so high where you see the world is upside down?
Single Twist Basket Toss

and 3rd thing: Are you able to carry a girl all by yourself?

So well if you're wondering of what other reasons why it is an awesome sport:
You're able to do something out of the ordinary and for guys who are not that popular, You get to meet hot cheerleader girls! LOL JK JK

So anyways with such a high enthusiastic and energetic sport, i would always say that i'm drenched wet with sweat all over till i have to change clothes 2-3 times during a 2 hour practise.

So with that happening all over me, I would strongly suggest this line of products which is no other than:

It can cater to your needs during the workouts and also to ur sweat issues

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Nikel Khor said…
cheerleader look so fun game liao