Love World, Love Sloggi =)

Well if you're wondering whats this post all about, It is a surprise!

As everyone knows, Nature is one of the most beautiful and meaningful thing in the world. From the fresh lakes and rivers to the so green and colorful trees, How can anyone not be mesmerized by its beauty? One can just sit, stare and enjoy this beauty for hours or even days. It is one of the God Given Wonders in the world and of course it must be appreciated.

But the Harsh and Cruel reality is:
With the irresponsibility of men, There is plenty of rubbish and wastages being dumped into the environment. And plenty of this rubbish that is dumped are items that could be reused or recycled. It has caused much damage to the beauty of many parts of the world.

Furthermore, It also affects the ecosystem and there would be plenty of wildlife suffering from all this happenings as more raw materials will be harvested leaving bare naked forests and also pollution all over the environment. And in the long run, Our future generations will suffer a great consequence due to the mistakes that we do today.

One of the ways is to reduce and recycle what we have to ensure that there wouldn't be much wastage and the natural resources can be preserved

So here it comes:



underwear is one of the most used and thrown away item which we use. So i guess this will be one of the best examples of recycling materials!

Follow the steps ahead:
1. Gather unwanted papers which you are going to throw away
example: Notes, Newspapers, Magazines
2. Tear it up into Small pieces, Put it into a blender, Add a little water and BLEND!
3. Blend until a paper pulp is created
4. Drain the paper pulp with a wire gauze / Strainer

Now i'm going to show you 2 bra methods which is namely:
a) The basic bra method
b) The wired bra method

5. For the basic bra method, Find a mold shaped in a boob cup size and fill it with pulp as shown above
6. For the wired bra method, This is trickier as You have to create a Bra skeleton frame out of steel wire
7. Use the pulp and compress it on the frame as shown above
8. Dry the pulp for about a day under the sun
9. A hard bra cup will be formed after drying for a day
10. Spray paint the bra cup with your favourite colors!
11. After it is painted, It should look like this
12. Punch holes at the sides to thread in ribbons or even bra straps if you have them.
13. Thread it with the ribbons length about 40-50 cm on each side

And walah! Your bra is finally made!
The simple basic bra
The wired bra!

Thats all for Samuel's DIY this time =) Size would be a problem depending on your breast size! So pick your molds and do it carefully

*disclaimer- Samuel is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that happens during the making of your bra and if the Bra causes any problems to the skin or body* LOL

But if You're unwilling to go through all the trouble of making your bra,
There is always another option which is:

Sloggi has came up with its latest range of products which is "LOVE WORLD, LOVE SLOGGI" It is a brand new eco friendly range where lingerie is made using recycled materials! This is a great effort to save the environment and the world in the long run.

Now according to my friends, This line of products are comfortable and comes in a variety of designs. So you wouldn't need to worry just because it is made out of recycled materials.

So girls what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a Sloggi right now!


Fwah I guess you are the first guy write in for Sloggy! Nice handmade haha

Wish you luck!
Jacquelyn Ho said…

creative as usual! me likey :)
Ken Wooi said…
lols.. i thought you're going to make men's underwear! =P

Wen Pink said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG!!!!! Beautiful!! Next time paint it pink ok!?!?
Samuel C said…
Tian Chad: hehe thx man =D yeah i'm too adventurest this time

Jac: thx jac =)

Kenwooi: ahh that i would need to sew =) paper would not work haha

Wen Pink: OKOK! for you only right? hehe
LOL very creative! why do u need to make bra anyway?? hahaha
Cayenne said…
SAM! HHAHAHAHA.. u're crazy man! goodluck anyways! XD
~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said…
Haha, you just make me laugh loudly in the library and people started to looking at what the hell I'm laughing at! Haha
Samuel C said…
Joey: It doesn't require me to do a bra but since this post is about creativity, i guess thats what i'm doing haha =)

Cayenne: hehe thx babe =) of course i am haha

Xiang: LOL they sure think i siao kia if they see also hahaaa
Jard The Great said…
haha.. nice one bro..
erwinator said…
hahaha! I think that's gonna cause some itch. :-D
Aidi-Safuan said…
hahaa.. does the paper bra comes in pink? :p
Samuel C said…
Jard: thx =) hehe

Erwin: thats the reason why i was wearing a shirt on LOL

Aidi: lol i can spray paint it pink if you want it =P
Jolyn Goh said…
LOL... That's so gay... Now the contest ended.. what you plan to do with the bra? XP
Samuel C said…
Jolyn: well i've got my mother and sisters...LOL
ss said…
HEHEHE..So creative ^^
wei wen said…
Hahahahahahah the wired bra not nice, the basic 1 nicer hahahahah!