Graduation Party & Charlie's birthday at Republic

As you guys know, I've already graduated from my diploma at Taylors. It was filled with laughter, happiness and tears when the results were announced during the ceremony. Some will be continuing on to degree, some going to work and some will be going overseas.

So as the night came, Group 4-6 had a graduation party at Republic and also we had the chance to celebrate Charlie's birthday. We chose Republic as liquor could be drank at ease for the guys while the girls can have something lighter such as cocktails. It is also less packed there so yeah..Republic babeh!

The night started late as Ejinn's car got broken into and she had to go make police reports and so on. We headed over to Republic about 11+ and since we were quite a big group, we combined a few sofas and tables and started ordering our drinks =)

So anyways i'll let the pictures do the talking.
Group 4-6
Wan Chi, Crystal, Amy & Trixie
Ricky, Foo Haw, Melvin, Crystal
Esther, Joshua, Me
Crystal and I
My daughter Yen Wei
My "daughter" Celine and "wife" Geralyn

The emotions in this picture are like:
Happy * In between * Steam face

Its like the series of "my wife and kids"

Wei Ling and I

So as for Charlie, we gave him a special treat since it was his birthday and we ordered a Flaming Lamborghini for him

Charlie Sucking it up

The night continued with endless dancing and we rocked the dance floor! Republic is normally dead because there is no "clubbing crowd" over there but Republic came alive as we started off the dance floor and a lot more other people started to join in.
Melvin & Ricky
Put your hands up in the air!
The dance floor

So as the night ended, we had lots of fun and it came to a sight where:
Foo haw was happily sleeping on the chairs

So peeps i shall see you in degree and it was nice knowing the rest of you who are not joining us for degree! DH30 Rocks socks babeh!


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