Graduation Day!

It finally came the day after 2 years of blood, sweat and tears which I've put into my Diploma as I've finally GRADUATED from my Diploma of Hospitality Management! As i was going through my finals from March - April, I felt that i didn't do that well as I've done some careless mistakes and i wasn't hoping for much for my graduation. But i was certainly proved wrong as I am very satisfied with what I have achieved in papers!

So continuing with the story, We had our Graduation Ceremony on a fine Saturday morning at Taylors Lakeside Campus. This Graduation Ceremony is catered for the Diploma's of Tourism Management, Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts. Everyone was nervous about the results as some were just aiming to pass the diploma and some were aiming for great results. We headed into the hall with sweaty palms of nervousness and also signs of relieve that it is all over.
The announcement of results in the hall

There are only 4 grades in the marking scheme and it is namely:

Very Honourable Pass With Congrats From Jury
Very Honourable Pass
Honourable Pass
& Pass

So I'm very proud of myself as I've managed to get the grading of Very Honourable Pass!
Of course i was aiming for Congrats, but it is really hard as it is only has a 3-5% rate for it.
After calculations that I've done, There is only a 17% rate of Very Honourable pass in the batch and i'm one of the top 20% of the students for that batch =)

*lanci* Which makes me even happier! lol
Certificate of Completion
Very Honourable Pass babeh!

So after the ceremony was over, lunch was provided for us and it was one of the most mega photo taking session in the whole of Taylors!

I shall proceed with the pictures:
Culinary Arts Group
Me, My F&B lecturer Mr Patrick, Geralyn, Yen Wei, Mervyn
Group 4 with our F&B Practical Lecturer, Ms Jasmine!
Me, Geralyn, Front Office Lecturer Ms Charmaine, Yen Wei, Celestine, Joshua
Mr Yeoh Boon Chai which is our French Lecturer

After taking a few photos with our lecturers, We headed over to Crispy Popiah as Ee Hva had brought a cake from Hilton to celebrate our Graduation.

And of course while waiting for everyone to gather, Mervyn, Andrew and I did stupid things such as:
I've finished the race!
launching of Crispy Popiah!

So anyways the photo session kept on going after that =)

Group 4 with our F&B and Tourism Lecturer, Mr Gopi
Group 4 fucking it up with our F&B Lecturers, Mr Patrick & Mr Alex and Chef Shaari
Acting cute with our Moral & Thinking Skills Lecturer, Mr Adrian
Our cake from Hilton
Lunatics of DH30!
the whole Group 4
Mervyn with the cake cutting ceremony
A classic picture =)
The last picture of the day

Well it has been a whole good 2 years with awesome results for the whole Group 4. Its nice knowing you guys after all the events we've organized and made successful, going on crazy makan trips, Kiasu-ing in the library and all in between those stuff!

Since all of us are going separate ways in our degrees since we're specializing in different areas, Just wishing all the best in luck and I'm so gonna miss the good times together.

Group 4 members are: Chung, Joshua, Mervyn, Andrew, Jay, Celestine, Yen Wei, Celine, Geralyn, Chia Chia, Samantha, Jessica, Eunice, Evon, Ee hva

Photo Credits to Yen Wei


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congrate lei..hope u fun la..
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