Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love World, Love Sloggi =)

Well if you're wondering whats this post all about, It is a surprise!

As everyone knows, Nature is one of the most beautiful and meaningful thing in the world. From the fresh lakes and rivers to the so green and colorful trees, How can anyone not be mesmerized by its beauty? One can just sit, stare and enjoy this beauty for hours or even days. It is one of the God Given Wonders in the world and of course it must be appreciated.

But the Harsh and Cruel reality is:
With the irresponsibility of men, There is plenty of rubbish and wastages being dumped into the environment. And plenty of this rubbish that is dumped are items that could be reused or recycled. It has caused much damage to the beauty of many parts of the world.

Furthermore, It also affects the ecosystem and there would be plenty of wildlife suffering from all this happenings as more raw materials will be harvested leaving bare naked forests and also pollution all over the environment. And in the long run, Our future generations will suffer a great consequence due to the mistakes that we do today.

One of the ways is to reduce and recycle what we have to ensure that there wouldn't be much wastage and the natural resources can be preserved

So here it comes:



underwear is one of the most used and thrown away item which we use. So i guess this will be one of the best examples of recycling materials!

Follow the steps ahead:
1. Gather unwanted papers which you are going to throw away
example: Notes, Newspapers, Magazines
2. Tear it up into Small pieces, Put it into a blender, Add a little water and BLEND!
3. Blend until a paper pulp is created
4. Drain the paper pulp with a wire gauze / Strainer

Now i'm going to show you 2 bra methods which is namely:
a) The basic bra method
b) The wired bra method

5. For the basic bra method, Find a mold shaped in a boob cup size and fill it with pulp as shown above
6. For the wired bra method, This is trickier as You have to create a Bra skeleton frame out of steel wire
7. Use the pulp and compress it on the frame as shown above
8. Dry the pulp for about a day under the sun
9. A hard bra cup will be formed after drying for a day
10. Spray paint the bra cup with your favourite colors!
11. After it is painted, It should look like this
12. Punch holes at the sides to thread in ribbons or even bra straps if you have them.
13. Thread it with the ribbons length about 40-50 cm on each side

And walah! Your bra is finally made!
The simple basic bra
The wired bra!

Thats all for Samuel's DIY this time =) Size would be a problem depending on your breast size! So pick your molds and do it carefully

*disclaimer- Samuel is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that happens during the making of your bra and if the Bra causes any problems to the skin or body* LOL

But if You're unwilling to go through all the trouble of making your bra,
There is always another option which is:

Sloggi has came up with its latest range of products which is "LOVE WORLD, LOVE SLOGGI" It is a brand new eco friendly range where lingerie is made using recycled materials! This is a great effort to save the environment and the world in the long run.

Now according to my friends, This line of products are comfortable and comes in a variety of designs. So you wouldn't need to worry just because it is made out of recycled materials.

So girls what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a Sloggi right now!

I'm a Degree student babeh!

Well since I've finished my Diploma in Hospitality Management, I've decided to take my next step in my studies and now I'm finally a Degree Student in Taylors University College. I'm now under the
Bachelors of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Specializing in F&B Management & Culinary Arts.

My New Shirt & Tag
Bachelors of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Happy much =) but of course its also hell as I've got classes from 8-6pm everyday and thats not including assignments and everything yet.

Will try update as much as i can over here =) And oh yeah,
i'll be opening a food blog soon! =)

Monday, April 26, 2010

emo poetry?

Evil plots that clot the mind
A revengeful heart that tries to kill her time
If only love was never blind
He wont be living in this lie

Poker cards has became his crime
Gambling away his life and time
Turning back will be denied
A heart so stubborn can never die

Alcohol has consumed his mind
killing his brain cells one at a time
It was only meant to accompany him when he dines
but now he does it all the time

Life was meant to be lived at the fullest
But disappointments and heartaches are just endless
Falling down again and again, everything becomes hopeless
It leaves a person broken and just filled with sadness

*Copyright of Samuel*

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My version of Grooming Tips

Well my first thing i would say about grooming tips is about the hair! Since i'm a guy, Hair plays an important role as it actually shows about 50% on who you are and i don't use make up unless there are performances or events which require me to do so. So hrmm from short hair to long hair, I've done it all and I've done crazy things such as:

Hair Extentions
Durian Head

As for long hair, I do not have any pictures on it cos i've lost my camera at that time. so yeah HAHA.

Hair pulls up the 1st impression of a person also as thats what you would focus on and it also can be used to sweep a person off his/her feet. From short to long, straight to curly, i would really say it depends on that person. as for me..short hair-medium hair length suits me the most.

As for other factors, i would really say that make up is an essential thing for a girl as it can cover up pores and conceal pimples that may ruin their beauty. And also the additional mascaras and eye lashes that can make a girl more pretty in nature.

another way of grooming is by the way a person dresses. If you wanna appear nice and attractive, why not just wear a smart formal or casual look. Do not over dress as it may make a person look weird but of course its good to think outside the box to create new styles and trends to your dressings

Last but not least, It is important to deodorize yourselves! Just imagine a really hot chick or dude with sweaty underarms that stain his or her shirt? EWW thats just gross if they're not doing sports. So one of the ways that can be used is by applying:
Adidas Action 3 Deodorants!

So as for you its up to you on how you groom yourselves up and now i'll just add a few videos for this blog post since its about project alpha =)

These are the first 3 episodes from Project Alpha =)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.=)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Graduation Party & Charlie's birthday at Republic

As you guys know, I've already graduated from my diploma at Taylors. It was filled with laughter, happiness and tears when the results were announced during the ceremony. Some will be continuing on to degree, some going to work and some will be going overseas.

So as the night came, Group 4-6 had a graduation party at Republic and also we had the chance to celebrate Charlie's birthday. We chose Republic as liquor could be drank at ease for the guys while the girls can have something lighter such as cocktails. It is also less packed there so yeah..Republic babeh!

The night started late as Ejinn's car got broken into and she had to go make police reports and so on. We headed over to Republic about 11+ and since we were quite a big group, we combined a few sofas and tables and started ordering our drinks =)

So anyways i'll let the pictures do the talking.
Group 4-6
Wan Chi, Crystal, Amy & Trixie
Ricky, Foo Haw, Melvin, Crystal
Esther, Joshua, Me
Crystal and I
My daughter Yen Wei
My "daughter" Celine and "wife" Geralyn

The emotions in this picture are like:
Happy * In between * Steam face

Its like the series of "my wife and kids"

Wei Ling and I

So as for Charlie, we gave him a special treat since it was his birthday and we ordered a Flaming Lamborghini for him

Charlie Sucking it up

The night continued with endless dancing and we rocked the dance floor! Republic is normally dead because there is no "clubbing crowd" over there but Republic came alive as we started off the dance floor and a lot more other people started to join in.
Melvin & Ricky
Put your hands up in the air!
The dance floor

So as the night ended, we had lots of fun and it came to a sight where:
Foo haw was happily sleeping on the chairs

So peeps i shall see you in degree and it was nice knowing the rest of you who are not joining us for degree! DH30 Rocks socks babeh!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Graduation Day!

It finally came the day after 2 years of blood, sweat and tears which I've put into my Diploma as I've finally GRADUATED from my Diploma of Hospitality Management! As i was going through my finals from March - April, I felt that i didn't do that well as I've done some careless mistakes and i wasn't hoping for much for my graduation. But i was certainly proved wrong as I am very satisfied with what I have achieved in papers!

So continuing with the story, We had our Graduation Ceremony on a fine Saturday morning at Taylors Lakeside Campus. This Graduation Ceremony is catered for the Diploma's of Tourism Management, Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts. Everyone was nervous about the results as some were just aiming to pass the diploma and some were aiming for great results. We headed into the hall with sweaty palms of nervousness and also signs of relieve that it is all over.
The announcement of results in the hall

There are only 4 grades in the marking scheme and it is namely:

Very Honourable Pass With Congrats From Jury
Very Honourable Pass
Honourable Pass
& Pass

So I'm very proud of myself as I've managed to get the grading of Very Honourable Pass!
Of course i was aiming for Congrats, but it is really hard as it is only has a 3-5% rate for it.
After calculations that I've done, There is only a 17% rate of Very Honourable pass in the batch and i'm one of the top 20% of the students for that batch =)

*lanci* Which makes me even happier! lol
Certificate of Completion
Very Honourable Pass babeh!

So after the ceremony was over, lunch was provided for us and it was one of the most mega photo taking session in the whole of Taylors!

I shall proceed with the pictures:
Culinary Arts Group
Me, My F&B lecturer Mr Patrick, Geralyn, Yen Wei, Mervyn
Group 4 with our F&B Practical Lecturer, Ms Jasmine!
Me, Geralyn, Front Office Lecturer Ms Charmaine, Yen Wei, Celestine, Joshua
Mr Yeoh Boon Chai which is our French Lecturer

After taking a few photos with our lecturers, We headed over to Crispy Popiah as Ee Hva had brought a cake from Hilton to celebrate our Graduation.

And of course while waiting for everyone to gather, Mervyn, Andrew and I did stupid things such as:
I've finished the race!
launching of Crispy Popiah!

So anyways the photo session kept on going after that =)

Group 4 with our F&B and Tourism Lecturer, Mr Gopi
Group 4 fucking it up with our F&B Lecturers, Mr Patrick & Mr Alex and Chef Shaari
Acting cute with our Moral & Thinking Skills Lecturer, Mr Adrian
Our cake from Hilton
Lunatics of DH30!
the whole Group 4
Mervyn with the cake cutting ceremony
A classic picture =)
The last picture of the day

Well it has been a whole good 2 years with awesome results for the whole Group 4. Its nice knowing you guys after all the events we've organized and made successful, going on crazy makan trips, Kiasu-ing in the library and all in between those stuff!

Since all of us are going separate ways in our degrees since we're specializing in different areas, Just wishing all the best in luck and I'm so gonna miss the good times together.

Group 4 members are: Chung, Joshua, Mervyn, Andrew, Jay, Celestine, Yen Wei, Celine, Geralyn, Chia Chia, Samantha, Jessica, Eunice, Evon, Ee hva

Photo Credits to Yen Wei