Tonle Sap at Siem Reap

Now we're moving on to my 2nd day at Siem Reap, Cambodia
there were 3 previous post on Angkor Wat at here, here and here
and now I've finally got time to blog on the 2nd day HAHA
as I've been rather busy finishing up my reports and assignments
as my finals for my diploma are in a months time

anyways so for the 2nd day
we headed down to Tonle Sap
if you don't know what it is, it is the
biggest freshwater lake in South East Asia

and even though i went there during the dry season
water was still at a high level
and i was able to take a boat ride around the lake
It costed 15 USD per person for a private boat
For those interested, a Ferry would cost cheaper perhaps =)

so we hopped on to the boat and was able to see how the locals
lived their lives near the water
and also We were able to see life on "boat houses"

so i shall move on with the pictures:
On ze boat
A boat house
A floating Basketball court & Volleyball court!

imagine all you have to do is just swim there and play!
there wont be warm-ups needed as you've already swam! LOL
The kindergarden
The Fish & Crocodile Farm

We were able to visit the Fish & Crocodile Farm
during the boat ride
and man i wish i could have taken photos of the fishes as they was HUGE!
but sadly my camera failed me at that time =(

If you didn't know
Crocodiles are rared widely in Cambodia for their skins
as there are a lot of leather products in Cambodia
and as for the fish...Everyone eats fish! LOL
Crocodiles at the farm
Yellow Tongues!
Fishing by the traditional method
I find this sign funny!
Fish traps on sale

So as we headed back to the mainland
Our tuk tuk driver was waiting for us
and we headed back to town

We stopped by for some Chinese-Cambodian Food
at the town and it was DELICIOUS for a small price of 1.50 USD or 2 USD!
one of the scenaries i took on the way back
Pork noodles
Pork Soup Noodle!

thats all for this post
shall update on the last day soon =)



Nikel Khor said…
walau...croc farm n fish pound meh..keke

from Nikel Khor
KOKahKOK said…

i love tonle sap the most during my last visit :)
Samuel C said…
nikel: yeah =) hehee

KoKahKok: ahhh you went too? yeah its a beautiful place =) eventhough the water is muddy hahaa
MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
When i saw your title, i remembered my geography teacher! it was like 10yrs ago ler...

Thanks for sharing~!
Samuel C said…
nicole: haha yeah i know =) we all learnt it like way before hahaa =)