No Sweat!

Perspiration is one of the deadliest ego killing factor on a normal day of College/Work. It is seen as disgusting and dirty compared to the times we perspire during sports. And of course with Malaysian Weather, It is so hot and humid that nearly everyone would sweat by just walking under the sun. So, what can be the answer for this problem?

This is one of the Adidas deodorant line named Action 3 Fresh. Its awesome features would make anyone last the day without sweating such as:

- 24 hours of protection against perspiration
- New Dry Max System Technology for extra-wetness absorption
- Cooling Fragrance which leaves you with just showered feeling when the heat is on
- Special Anti Whitening Material which minimizes white markings on skin and clothes
- 0% alcohol & PH respect & Dermo tested

So as for me, I've been using Adidas Deodorant for about 2 years already. And it hasn't failed me at all!

So as for simple instructions of how to use the deodorant:

Look at the deodorant carefully and ensure its Adidas Action 3 Fresh!
Test it on the air to make your room smell better!
and last but not least,
Spray it on the pits to have 24 hours of anti perspiration action!

So as for you, Go ahead and try the Adidas Action 3 out!

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