My Singapore Trip

As everyone knows i headed over to Singapore for Paramore's Concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. so well this trip wasn't made possible without my the help of my friends at Singapore namely Ying Zi and Josh. These two were the people who let me crash at their houses =D

so anyways about this trip, Audrey and I headed down to Singapore on a Saturday by AirAsia. Yes i love this airlines cos EVERYONE CAN FLY! its so much cheaper compared to other airlines and it was such a last minute booking actually.
I'm on the plane~~

So as we reached Singapore, we took a Mrt to Bugis to meet up with my Maplestory Guildmates (yeah i know...Maplestory LOL), Yuqi and Bernadine. We had dinner, did a little shopping and catching up on old times as it has been so long since we've saw each other. And for the 1st time in so long, we did NEOPRINTS. Neoprints are those small photo sticker booth things. It has been so long haha
They're designing the neoprints
Audrey, Bern, Yuqi, Me
at Bugis Junction
camwhoring again at the MRT station before we left

Audrey and I headed over to Bukit Timah to stayover at Josh's place. We took a bus over there nad well, one thing i love about Singapore is its transportation system which is so efficient. We stayed over there for a night and had a big ass Murtabak that is a size of an A4 paper and an awesome Roti John at a mamak near Josh's place

The next day we headed over to Orchard to do a little sight seeing and shopping. Josh was nice enough to spend the day with us =D and later on that day we met up with Ying Zi which was my host for the 2nd day
Gigantic Rock climbing at Orchard Central
Josh, Audrey, Me on the rooftop
On top of Orchard Central
Josh, Audrey, Me and Ying Zi

So as for the night Me and Audrey headed over to Singapore Indoor Stadium for Paramore's Concert. You can see the pics and videos HERE.

As for the next day, we headed back to KL, and the best part is, I've got to get another bottle into my collection which is:
Johnnie Walker Double Black Label!

This liquor is only available at Singapore, Australia and Thailand. so thats all for this trip =) Shall be updating soon. Thanks Again Ying Zi, Josh, Yuqi and Bern :)


Nikel Khor said…
wah..continuos trip from paramore
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