I've bought a Billy!

This is going to be a random post
As everyone knows I've been studying about wines and liquors
so as for us hoteliers we have to make and create cocktails for our F&B classes

So as I've been purchasing liquor like mad =X
my room has finally became a junkyard
as I only have 1 wine rack for the wines
I've finally decided to buy another shelving for my liquors

so after a week of browsing through
I've finally found what i was looking for and it was none other than a:

yes Ikea's Billy book shelvings =)
but yeah i'll be shelving my liquors instead hahaa
Billy's designs have been in Ikea for about 30 years already
and it only costs like RM150 for mine

and i'm happy with it =)

Introducing my new Billy
Billy Babeh!!
My liquors =D

shall update soon on other crap
such as Singapore & Malacca soon hahaa =)