I'm off to Paramore!

Yes the title Says it all!!

I'm going for Paramore's concert in Singapore!

This is rather random
as it was by impulse that i really wanted to go for their concert
and thanks to Mumsie
she paid for both me and my sister for our flight tickets & concert tickets there!
Love u mum! =D
and dad sponsored some cash for us to spend there too =)
Love u too dad =D

and i wanna thank Josh & Ying Zhi
for letting me stay at your place =D

so i'm leaving for Singapore 5pm today
and i'll be back on Monday morning =)
this is gonna be a closed event where photography wont be allowed
so i guess i wont be able to show u guys pics of them

i shall update soon on it!



Nikel Khor said…
wah...catch concert pulak..nice lor

from Nikel Khor
Next tme introduce me to ur mom so can sponsor me also =D

LilMeJo said…
Wah.. U lucky dude.. jelez giler
jfook said…
Looking forward to see your update.
SP said…
no photos allowed? too bad~
anyway, have fun in singapore man!
Samuel C said…
Nikel: yeah hahaa...dont know when they're coming to Malaysia so i just went there lo =D

Tian Chad: hahaahaa sponsor me and my sis also enough adi hahaa

LilJo: XD u come la...penang not that far ma

jfook: sure man =) soon Xd

Samuel: yeah it was stated...but in the end everyone also brought cameras and take photos hahaa