Hennessys Artistry kickoff party at The Opera

Hennessy Artistry started off with a big bang at The Opera, Sunway Pyramid. It is the 2nd year running where Hennessy brings in local and foreign artiste to perform and let the people have a great time with entertainment and with Hennessy drinks of course!

So as for the event, Me, Victoria, Xiang & a whole bunch of bloggers were invited as Media to cover and write about the event. The good part about it is, we're able to get Media passes which enables us to go for the press conference where we are able to get the fresh feeds from the artistes that were performing that night such as Bunkface, DVJ G Mix, Shawn Lee & DJ Sarasa. And furthermore, We were given an allocated area for Media only!

The registration started Early as the press conference was starting at 7.30. I heard that some even came as early as 5pm to register and collect their passes! now thats early! So as for me and some of the other bloggers, we came and registered at 6pm+ and were shown around with some of the highlights that could be expected for the night

I shall start off with a few pics:
Victoria and I
Guys camwhoring!
Zues, Dusty, Xiang, Me

So as the clock stroke 7.30, The press conference was held at the rooftop of The Opera and it was emceed by Joey G. He introduced the line of artiste that were performing for the night and the highlights of Hennessy Artistry throughout the whole year. And of course I enjoyed my time munching down the finger snacks and drinking Hennessy Mixers provided throughout the conference

Joey G emcee-ing
Joey G interviewing DVJ G Mix, DJ Sarasa & Shawn Lee
Bunkface during the press conference
The press conference ended with a toast to Hennessy Artistry

So after the press conference, we lingered around on the Hennessy's Mixing Zone while other guest started to flood into The Opera. At the Hennessy's Mixing Zone, Hennessy has created 4 new and improved zones to uplift the event. Its namely:

Hennessy Mix Master - Where one can become a DJ by mixing audio tracks and sound effects together with the guidence of a real DJ

Hennessy Digital Light Art Effects - Where one can create light effects with their creativity

Hennessy Mixing Bar - Where one can become a bartender by mixing Hennessy with mixers such as Apple, Coke, Citrus, Berry & Ginger Ale with the help of Hennessy Babes

Hennessy Live Twitting Zone - Where one can twit about the event itself

The best part about this is, Hennessy organized a contest for the Hennessy Mix Master & Hennessy Digital Light Art Effects where the creators of best Music Mix & Digital Light Art Effects will win themselves bottles of Hennessy VSOP each!

so I shall head to the pics on the Hennessy's mixing zone
Me, Victoria, Jeremy & Victoria
The Hennessy Mixing Bar

Joshua & Yun Sin attempting to mix

I mixed a few tunes at the Hennessy Mix Master
*crossing fingers that i would win the bottle of VSOP*

and a better part of this was, The Resident DJ said that i was well versed with the functions, so he allowed me to teach my other friends on how to mix the music with the effects.
Teaching Yun Sin on mixing

So after the mixing zone, we headed upstairs to the media lounge when the event was about to start. Of course i was sooo HAPPY, As the organizers has provided a 750ml bottle of Hennessy for each table at the Media lounge. It made my day because, i like to drink alcohol neat or on the rocks :)

So as we finished the bottle, we headed downstairs to the main area as the performances started and we just wanted to rock the night over there!
The Blogger Tag
A bottle of Hennessy & mixers for each table
Me & Vic
The Crowd from the Media lounge view
The Stage
Bunk Face started up the event by performing a series of songs which rocked and hyped up the entire crowd.
Shawn Lee, the guy who is known as the "Small Boy With Big Sounds" who is also placed No.9 in the Berlin Beatbox Battle World Championship, came on stage with his mind blasting sounds which came out from his mouth.

I didn't get to take DVJ G Mix pics performing as i was downstairs and i couldn't see the DJ deck from where I was. But anyways, DVJ G Mix came up with a line of songs & videos to be mixed with and got the crowd started for the main DJ which is none other than DJ SARASA.
DJ Sarasa took the stage with a whole different line of songs and mixes. It was so different compared to the ordinary music we normally hear as she brought it back to the old school and also mixing it up with the new modern beats!

So as the night continued with awesome spinning by DJ Sarasa, There was nothing better than to just party with friends and enjoy the night there and of course! Camwhoring all night long!
With my classmates that showed up late that night
Zoe Yve, Victoria
Cindy, Sarah, Tian Long
Leonard getting crazy, Samantha
the last few photos of the night

so as the night came to an end, it ended with a:
(Bart & Me)

Neh i was just kidding bout that :) It was an awesome night and i just can't wait for the next Hennessy Artistry to come!

For those who are interested of the following Hennessy Artistry to come, visit the Hennessy Artistry Website and you can also join the Hennessy Facebook Fan Page


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