Cambodia Day 3 - Cambodian Cultural Village

This post will conclude m y final post on Cambodia
If you haven't read the previous post and want to read it
you can do so
Here (Angkor Wat)
Here (Bayon)
Here (Trees over the temples)
Here (Tonle Sap)

On my final day at Cambodia
i was able to visit the Cultural Village where they showcased
a lot on Cambodian Cultures and Traditions

Some things that were seen in rubles were built nicely here
and Cambodian Culture was shown clearly over here =)

I shall just skip to the pictures=)
One of the gods

a lot of them were damaged at the temples at Angkor Wat
The View of the Village
A model of the Palace
Model of the National Museum
I'm not sure what building is this though
a Gigantic Sleeping Buddha
The Waterfall
The temple
The road to local houses
a Cambodian local house

So as we were walking around
there were also performances as it was a Cultural Village
There were performances every hour or so
and i managed to see 2 of them
which was an

Acrobatic team practicing for the Chinese Culture at Cambodia


A Cambodian Wedding Ceremony

So going straight to the acrobatic team
Look how flexible is she!
And yeah that is my goal the next time i do that!

and as for the wedding ceremony
it was done by youths the replica of the cambodian house
The offerings for the Wedding ceremony
The Bride & Groom to be

damn she is pretty!
some dances as they finish the wedding ceremony

So well that concludes my trip to Cambodia
Hope you guys enjoyed reading it

Shall blog about Singapore & Malacca soon!



Nikel Khor said…
wah..u when thr for so much interesting place..

from Nikel Khor
Jong said…
Wo....wish i get a chance to pay a visit to Cambodia. It look fun...
kisahremaja said…
what an amazing acrobatic stunt.....
kisahsensasi said…
it is interesting when got chance to know other country during holiday
hazmanfadzil said…
their god statue is so unique...
Samuel C said…
nikel: yeaps hehe

jong: yeah seriously its a good place to go!

kisahremaja: yeaps its hard to do that kinda things

kisahsensasi: yeaps it is :)

hazmanfadzil: they have 4 types of god statues hehe