This is just gonna be a short update
The last weekend
Some of us were a bit bored
and we decided to head down to Klang for some food & drinks

We had our dinner at Boston Baru
its an awesome restaurant with their signature dish of
Soupy lala & fish
but sadly i forgot to take any pics then =S

so anyways to continue that night
we headed over to Shepardoo's
As Ejinn's churchmate owns that place
so we could get beers and cocktails at cheaper prices =)
so we enjoyed the night with Killkennys and margaritas!

so the pictures for the night:
Group pic
Ejinn, Chung, Charlie, Serene
Serene, Jia Mou, Celestine, Me
Me, Elynn, Ejinn
Chung harrassing ppl
Poser wth
Serene has small eyes
Pedos wtf!
Final group pic
Elynn and I in our own world
our last toast
she is uberly light!

so i guess thats all for the night

Our drive home