Republic & Halo Bali

After a 2 weeks of College
some stress has finally struck us as we've got so much to cover
and finals for our diploma is in April *lagi wtf*

so anyways
we decided to go chill out and have some drinks at Republic
to just enjoy ourselves abit =)
We started up with a bottle of JD's and a few cocktails

note to self:
went back to realize i had 160 pictures of the night =.=

so anyways for the pictures:

Amy, Wan Chi, Chung, Charlie

Celestine, Wei Ling, Ejinn, Me

Our table

*ignore the emo kia mervyn*

Chung, Inna, Wei Ling & I

*some sort of dance session LOL*

I like this pic somehow =)

So after our drinks
we had a few dances and 1 thing bad about republic is
it lacks the people & atmosphere !
the only ones dancing was us =.=

since some of the girls wanted to go back
we decided to head to Halo Bali
where there were more people
music is better..
and of course MORE DRINKS! =D

Charlie and I


Me and Ying

Ying & Amy

the girls group shot

so after all our drinks
there were some that was really getting tipsy and drunk
and started doing crazy things

well here are the dumbasses getting crazy that night:



in my own world

I love this pic too! look at the two posers behind!

Our last group shot of the day

totally hungover the next day LOL