Pre Cny Celebration

1st things 1st
gonna wish everyone an early


and a very prosperous

Well i'm wishing you all now
As I'm currently at Angkor Wat!
So please do not sms or call me =)
any emails or text will be replied asap
and i'll be back on the 16th=)

So as for Chinese new year
A few college mates and friends got together
for an early pre CNY celebration at Joshua's house
as most of us will be going back for the new year
and wont be able to gather during this holiday period

some had to go back early
as they didn't wanna stay up so late
so it was left with 6 batangs
drinking up 3 bottles of wine,
1 bottle of Black Label & 1 bottle of Gold Label!

so you can see how high we got that night
as we had lotsa fun with card games and just drinks to punish the loser

so i shall just continue this post with pictures=)
Australian 2005 Merlot
spoon (1 of the drinking games)
Chung and I
Joshua and Mervyn getting red
Mervyn, Alex, Joshua, Nicholas
3 wines and 2 bottles of whiskey

so as for the end result of the day:
We just got crazy



so everyone have an awesome chinese new year
and remember if there are any open houses
inform me! =D
*desperate shit*

i needa save up the ang paos for my new camera LOL!!