Nokia X6 launch

The Nokia X6 launch was held at
Mont Kiara Equestrian park

Since it was the launching of the new phone
Nokia was giving out 66 Nokia X6 for RM66
Whoa the number of 6's...yeah..
3000 redemption coupons were given out to the crowd
and a ballot was conducted to determine the 66 people
who are getting the phone

So continuing with the event
It could be said as a disastrous event
as you know what happens when
Malaysians see "Nearly free Items"
and of course for the stupid twiterrians
who gave out very dumb info

We had Twits saying that the coupons were given out
at about 3pm
Of course with everyone so "KIASU"
everyone stormed to the gate of the Equestrian Park
only to find a security guard looking and laughing at us
as the gates would only be opened at 6pm

and to make matters worse
The rain poured heavily for a few hours
and most of the peeps had to take shelter
at the overhead bridge
The main gate with lots of umbrellas

At 6pm
The gates were finally opened
and a whole pushing session started
as everyone wanted to get the coupons from inside

now i want to
as they didn't even put proper lines or whatsoever
So it ended up with everyone being squashed together,
molesting each other and bathing in the sweat
in a whole big mob trying to get in to get the coupons

I mean with an event like this
Nokia Organizers should be more than thoughtful
on how Malaysians will be to get something cheap

It only ended up so bad as
a few of my friends got bruises all over
and some people even were pushed and
they hit the metal railings till they fainted

Is it worth it to get the X6 in an event like this?
if you want to get yourself squished and all that be my guest

so anyways for the event
there were only 2 main performances
that entertained me which was the opening by
Dj Niki & Dj Goldfish
yeah it was an awesome start to hype up the launching party
and of course
Boys like Girls
which were performing there at the end of the party

The rest of the singers which were local artiste
were a mix and mash kinda thing
Only 1 band was good which i couldn't remember the name
the rest were so unsatisfying and crappy

the best part is
some went out of tune like hell and they call themselves singers =.=
Go karaoke la! don't pollute the air for us!
That shows how crappy the Malaysian Industry can be

So anyways just a few photos of the event:
DJ Niki & Goldfish
The Stage

as the event came to an end
it just ended up with a few more pictures of ze friends
Dila, Felicia, Me
Victoria, Felicia, Me

so well this event can be said as
one of the crappiest events I've ever went to
cos of lousy organizing and managing



Ken Wooi said…
i think it went worse because of the rain as well.. lol.. damn rain! =P
aaron said…
Kellaw screwed the event kaw2. lol
wen pink said…
wowowowow chill there wooww... luckily i didnt go..
rm66 for x6?
for real?
Kellaw said…

go read what i wrote. i linked your post in my post also

kudop - for real if you have "connections"
Samuel C said…
kenwooi: yeah totally!

aaron: LOL hahahaaa why?

pink: yeahh chillinggg

kulop: yeah but then its not worth it

kellaw:hehe yeah i read urs adi man =) lol thx =)