Malacca Trip

This is one backdated post which i didn't have the time to post up. So now here it is :) This was a random trip down to Malacca with Chung, Yunsin & Joshua to pick up our beloved Charlie to head back to KL. Well if u wonder who is Charlie, He is the 4th generation of some palm oil plantation or something LOL. you can visit this post to know more bout him.

So the day started up early as we headed down to Malacca in the morning
In the car
Josh going avatar
Yunsin getting crazy

So as we reached Malacca, Charlie brought us for some awesome babanonya cuisine, but the lightings there were bad so i couldn't get any good pics on the food. So anyways after the babanonya cuisine, we headed over to Jonker street to have the legendary Durian Cendol! and of course to buy some small souvenirs back.
making the Durian Cendol
Look at the Gula Melaka babeh!
we bought fisherman hats for our fishing trips.

After walking around at Jonker street, we headed over to one of the best pork Satay they have in Malacca. And well the person that ate the most was Yun Sin, Damn she eats a lot! and soon after that we headed over to Dataran to enjoy cold beers as the weather was really hot
The number of sticks we ate
Cold beers at Dataran
being stupid

So as for the night, we headed over to Capitol Satay Celup, which is the voted #1 Satay Celup at Malacca, but some think otherwise. It was relatively easy to get a place there as, Charlie's family is quite influential in Malacca and we were able to get discounts too :)
Mixing the gravy for the Satay Celup
the 5 of us

we headed back to KL at night and we decided the night was still young. So we headed over to Josh's girlfriends condo area. As there is a shop named Picadillis or something like that which serves towers of tiger/carlsberg at RM50 only! So for 5 of us, we had 3 towers and it was worth it!

Twin towers wtf!

So that concludes this post. Might be updating late as i'm having my finals currently :)


Nikel Khor said…
beer a lot lor..especially at the dataran there..cold beer make in hot weather