Angkor Wat Part 3 - Mother nature taking over the temple

As for the last post on Angkor Wat
this are the two last temples I've visited
that i find its worth writing about
i forgot the names also though =S

So for the 1st temple
This is the one of the highest temple in Angkor Wat
and its stairs is steep as hell
you would literally have to crawl up as it is freaking steep

it was worth the climb and foooh it was damn high when i reached the top
one of the highest temples
this is only 1/3 of the stairs over there

so anyways thats all for that temple

and the last temple
is the most remarkable temple
that I've seen in my life

if you watched the movie Tomb Raider..
The movie is actually footed over here with
better effects and of course everything else =)

This temple is really awesome as
It shows that mother nature takes over anything in time
As plenty of trees grew all over the temple

so i'll just show the photos to make you go in AWE with this temple
the temple from the outside
Mother Nature doing its thing
imagine the size of the tree
jumpshot with the roots
A female dancer carving on the wall
The most "ganas" tree at Angkor Wat
look at its roots

and as to finish up the post on Angkor Wat:
a family picture =)

so the next post will be about Tonle Sap or something

stay tuned! =)



Nikel Khor said…
cant wait to see angor wat in my real eye...

from Nikel Khor
Samuel C said…
nikel khor: yes you have to! =)
Emeryn said…
looks like a nice place. =)
haha, i been thre tooo!!!!~~~
the tall temple was Ta Keo, rite? it was so tall! Last year I went thre, I climbed it with my sprained leg~~

yalor, tat 1 tomb raider 1 really famous^^~~~