Angkor Wat part 2 - Bayon Temple

Continuing with the post before this
i was able to visit one of the most spectacular temple
at Angkor Wat

and its none other than the:
Bayon Temple
well if you're wondering whats so special about this temple
It cant be looked from afar to see the special characteristics of this temple
so it gets even better as you get closer to the temple
a closer view

and now for the uniqueness of this temple:
faces! yes faces!

There are 4 faces on each tower
It is actually the faces of the Asura, Devata & 2 more types of gods/guardians
There are about 50-60 faces all over this temple

This is the only temple which has faces engraved into the towers all over

so as we were sightseeing
Audrey and I started shooting and camwhoring all over this temple
As i look out the window
fell down the steps and died? LOL

LOL yes i am haha

so anyways this is the last picture of the Bayon Temple:
Awesome stuff

so anyways we headed out to look at the another gigantic temple
This temple features a gigantic Sleeping Buddha inside
i can't remember this temple's names
but well here are some pictures on it:
The walkway to this temple
sadly it was closed for as they were reconstructing the damaged parts

No sleeping buddha for me =(
the side view of that temple

so as for the last pic of the day
i find this actually funny as this tree
looks like there are "humans"
growing inside of it
LOL dont they look like they're crawling out?

there'll be 1 last post on Angkor Wat
coming up soon=)

stay tuned!



Nikel Khor said…
part 2 bayon temple attract most me..

from Nikel Khor
Ken Wooi said…
looks like a place to play hide and seek eh? haha.. must be lots of fun! =P
Cayenne said…
hahah. gosh.. ur pose is so sexy and seducing.hahahhaa
sorry i cant stop laughing
Samuel C said…
nikel: hehe yeah i believe its one of the most beautiful temple there

kenwooi: yeah totally! u can actually hide and wont be found

cayenne: LOLLL i've got nothing else to do LOL...u know how crazy i am =)