Thursday, February 25, 2010

Angkor Wat Part 3 - Mother nature taking over the temple

As for the last post on Angkor Wat
this are the two last temples I've visited
that i find its worth writing about
i forgot the names also though =S

So for the 1st temple
This is the one of the highest temple in Angkor Wat
and its stairs is steep as hell
you would literally have to crawl up as it is freaking steep

it was worth the climb and foooh it was damn high when i reached the top
one of the highest temples
this is only 1/3 of the stairs over there

so anyways thats all for that temple

and the last temple
is the most remarkable temple
that I've seen in my life

if you watched the movie Tomb Raider..
The movie is actually footed over here with
better effects and of course everything else =)

This temple is really awesome as
It shows that mother nature takes over anything in time
As plenty of trees grew all over the temple

so i'll just show the photos to make you go in AWE with this temple
the temple from the outside
Mother Nature doing its thing
imagine the size of the tree
jumpshot with the roots
A female dancer carving on the wall
The most "ganas" tree at Angkor Wat
look at its roots

and as to finish up the post on Angkor Wat:
a family picture =)

so the next post will be about Tonle Sap or something

stay tuned! =)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Angkor Wat part 2 - Bayon Temple

Continuing with the post before this
i was able to visit one of the most spectacular temple
at Angkor Wat

and its none other than the:
Bayon Temple
well if you're wondering whats so special about this temple
It cant be looked from afar to see the special characteristics of this temple
so it gets even better as you get closer to the temple
a closer view

and now for the uniqueness of this temple:
faces! yes faces!

There are 4 faces on each tower
It is actually the faces of the Asura, Devata & 2 more types of gods/guardians
There are about 50-60 faces all over this temple

This is the only temple which has faces engraved into the towers all over

so as we were sightseeing
Audrey and I started shooting and camwhoring all over this temple
As i look out the window
fell down the steps and died? LOL

LOL yes i am haha

so anyways this is the last picture of the Bayon Temple:
Awesome stuff

so anyways we headed out to look at the another gigantic temple
This temple features a gigantic Sleeping Buddha inside
i can't remember this temple's names
but well here are some pictures on it:
The walkway to this temple
sadly it was closed for as they were reconstructing the damaged parts

No sleeping buddha for me =(
the side view of that temple

so as for the last pic of the day
i find this actually funny as this tree
looks like there are "humans"
growing inside of it
LOL dont they look like they're crawling out?

there'll be 1 last post on Angkor Wat
coming up soon=)

stay tuned!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

1st Day in Siem Reap! Angkor Wat babeh!

Hey Peeps!
i'm finally back from my Siem Reap trip
and finally have the time to blog a bit about it =)

so for those who didn't know
I've spent my Valentines & Chinese New Year at Siem Reap, Cambodia
as there was death which made CNY not celebrate-able
so it was decided that me, my mom & my sisters
went for a 4days 3 nights trip to Siem Reap
from the 13th-16th of February

We started our journey with Air Asia
as the tagline says: "everyone can fly"
so it wasn't so costly and we departed for a 2 hour flight to Siem Reap

At the LCCT Terminal
Sisters & I
Siem Reap Airport
Our transportation which is the Tuk tuk

so as we checked into the hotel
we headed out to Angkor Wat for sightseeing
We had to pay 20 USD as a fee to get into that place

1 thing that everyone gets mistaken on is
Angkor Wat is not only a temple
with plenty of temple ruins built by different Maharaja's
& also the biggest temple which is named Angkor Wat

i can't cover all the temples in this post
so i shall do it post by post =)

as for this post
i'll be about the main temple ruin Angkor Wat
my day pass
That is the bridge and walls in front of Angkor Wat
The Bridge to Angkor Wat

just imagine the number of slaves and workmen to just build this place
Hydra's lurking around the place
The Library near the main temple
Ponds of Water lilies near the temple
Now thats the main building of Angkor Wat itself!

The building is being fixed up
thats why those green nettings are there
carvings of what happened in the past

it stretches for more than a kilometer around and inside the temple
It mainly shows of heaven and hell
of Devatas (gods) and Asura's (devils)
and of course the famous
"Churning of the Sea"
bricks and pieces of rubble from the temple
The staircase to get into the temple
The onion shaped tower

so as we left the temple to go onwards to the next temple
we were able to see the bridge
which resembles:
"The Churning of the Sea"
The Asura's pulling the snake to churn the sea

So well thats all for this post=)
Shall update on the other temples soon
coming up next is the Bayon Temple

stay tuned!


Monday, February 15, 2010

A random post

Alright this is a very random post=)

I was able to meet up and have lunch with the
Vice Chancellor of Taylors College
last week =)

and it was awesome =) LOL
Vice Chancellor Professor Dato' Dr Hassan Said

so anyways
till i'm back from Angkor Wat =)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pre Cny Celebration

1st things 1st
gonna wish everyone an early


and a very prosperous

Well i'm wishing you all now
As I'm currently at Angkor Wat!
So please do not sms or call me =)
any emails or text will be replied asap
and i'll be back on the 16th=)

So as for Chinese new year
A few college mates and friends got together
for an early pre CNY celebration at Joshua's house
as most of us will be going back for the new year
and wont be able to gather during this holiday period

some had to go back early
as they didn't wanna stay up so late
so it was left with 6 batangs
drinking up 3 bottles of wine,
1 bottle of Black Label & 1 bottle of Gold Label!

so you can see how high we got that night
as we had lotsa fun with card games and just drinks to punish the loser

so i shall just continue this post with pictures=)
Australian 2005 Merlot
spoon (1 of the drinking games)
Chung and I
Joshua and Mervyn getting red
Mervyn, Alex, Joshua, Nicholas
3 wines and 2 bottles of whiskey

so as for the end result of the day:
We just got crazy



so everyone have an awesome chinese new year
and remember if there are any open houses
inform me! =D
*desperate shit*

i needa save up the ang paos for my new camera LOL!!


Friday, February 12, 2010


This is just gonna be a short update
The last weekend
Some of us were a bit bored
and we decided to head down to Klang for some food & drinks

We had our dinner at Boston Baru
its an awesome restaurant with their signature dish of
Soupy lala & fish
but sadly i forgot to take any pics then =S

so anyways to continue that night
we headed over to Shepardoo's
As Ejinn's churchmate owns that place
so we could get beers and cocktails at cheaper prices =)
so we enjoyed the night with Killkennys and margaritas!

so the pictures for the night:
Group pic
Ejinn, Chung, Charlie, Serene
Serene, Jia Mou, Celestine, Me
Me, Elynn, Ejinn
Chung harrassing ppl
Poser wth
Serene has small eyes
Pedos wtf!
Final group pic
Elynn and I in our own world
our last toast
she is uberly light!

so i guess thats all for the night

Our drive home