Outing with Sherry

As some of you people know
Sherry is one of the most important babe in my life
from gossiping to shopping to eating to movie-ing
yeah she is one of my best gal-friend in life!

So Sherry came back from Aussie
after about a year
and i just couldn't help but to ask her out
for a great outing

So for our dinner
we headed to Sushi Zanmai located at Pyramid
as i had a craving for sushi that day

So we had awesome sushi and continued with a movie
titled "Meet the Morgans"
Sherry being jacunz with her perfect chopsticks
Salmon Don

So after our movie
we headed to one of our favourite hang outs
which is Swensons!
and we would always go to Swensons on Tuesdays

so we just couldn't help ourselves
than ordering an Earthquake!
Checking out the flavors
Yummylicious Earthquake!
Sherry and I

so yeah it was an awesome night
and yeah we're gonna go shopping soon!



Nikel Khor said…
best gal-fren is pretty...

Nikel Khor
Ninja Coffee said…
great friends, great company,
what else can you ask for, rite?
Emeryn said…
hm..so long nvr eat at Swesens adi.
cr3ap said…
Best girl-friend? or Girlfriend? :D
Seems pretty and nice looking girl to me oh. Go forth and chase her :D.

Regards from cr3ap
sherry said…