New Year Eve Pot Luck Party!

On the 31st of December
A Pot luck was held at my place for the bloggers and classmates
to celebrate the new year that was coming

so this is a picture of some of the attendees that came that night
courtesy of jeffro
From the top left to right
Nicholas, Evon, Joshua, Esther, Yu Liang

so as the night continued
there was an overflowing supply of food
Music sessions..Mahjong Sessions..Big Two Sessions
and of course an awesome fellowship with the bloggers and classmates

it was really an awesome night as everyone just came
to chill and have fun
and whats better than sharing the new years eve with the people you love?

so anyways i'll just skip to all the pictures =)
The food
My darling Victoria
Mah babe Sherry and My awesome neighbour Tieng Wei
In the hall
Candid shot by jackie
and whats a new years eve without wine =)

so as the clock hit 12 o'clock

everyone gathered outside of my house
creating a big chaos and commotion
and shakes and hugging were done to celebrate the coming of the new year!

and the best part is
the neighbours down the road also had a pot luck celebration
and we crashed their pot luck and they crashed ours!
made new friends and it was awesome!
doing some random dance taught by Joshua
random shit
and this is our favorite janitor Shaz from X-fresh FM
Jeffro's wtf moment
being fish eyed
The bloggers and Classmates group photo
The bloggers, Classmates and neighbours down the road

It was an awesome time
and hell yeah
2010 is here babeh!!!!



Victoria said…
Whee! I is so pretty wtf LOL
Wah ur neighbour is soo awesome, how i wish my neighbour here is half as awesome as yours T_T
HitoMi Ng said…
Hee, lotsa fun to Spill spill and Spill...

HOpe this year I can join too ^^
Samuel C said…
Xiaopei: thx =) hehe

Vic: of course la LOL of course she is LOL HAHAAA

Hitomi: if its organized this year kay? =)

Jeffro: Bromance bro!
cr3ap said…
From the pictures, it seems that you pretty much enjoy it. It's good to enjoy with friends partying even at home.

Regards from cr3ap