This time the sisters and I headed out with Dad for lunch
Dad brought us to Solaris Mount Kiara where we had an awesome lunch
at Meatworks!

well yeah i didn't hear bout this place before
and so we just tried it out
and yeah it gave such awesome service and food

Meatworks is a store specialized in halal meat
The meat is matured for about 30-45 days
which really brings out the flavor in the meat
and the way of cooking maintains the juicy-ness of the meat
and the done-ness of the steaks eg: Rare,Medium, Well done is good =)

The price is reasonable for steaks as it is about
RM40 onwards for a steak
and i would recommend you to go to this restaurant for a hearty meal!

ps: there is no alcohol served in this place

so for the pictures:
The exterior and interior
prime cuts on sale
rose deco
mocha latte
Sirloin Steak
Rib Eye Steak

so if you're in for a nice meal
i would totally recommend this place!