Malacca with bloggers Day 1

For this post
I went to Malacca

but this time i went with my fellow bloggers

so well the purpose of this trip is just to enjoy ourselves
in photography and food!

and i'm not scared this time for the photos as:
3 of them brought DSLRS
which makes Michelle's and my camera inferior!

and it also makes Me & Michelle's life easier
as we don't need to snap pictures

as for pictures of food,
i wont post it up
as it was quite similar to my previous post
which i went with my classmates

so anyways for the 1st day
we headed on to Jonker Walk
had our lunch and walked around while we shopped for cheap things
Jason, Xiang & I
Howard & Michelle

and as we walked around
we headed to a local Malacca T-Shirt artist shop
and we bought:

its to be revealed in the next post! =)

and after we walked and walked
me and michelle
argued on where to go next!

okays so anyways we headed off to the
Eye On Malaysia

since it was broad daylight
we were able to take nice shots of how it was like
and also our jump shots and group shots
Group pic
Toe Touch!
I'm flying!

don't try this at home!
*its a part of my butterfly kick*

and of course we have our:
Group jump shot!
look at the shorty! lol

so after the Eye on Malaysia
we headed back to town
and visited the historical sites to snap pictures
such as:
Christ Church
Queen Victoria's fountain or something
I personally find this funny
its as if the windmill is the Eye on Malaysia
Group shot with the windmill
Jason, Michelle and I
Photoshoot by Jason

so we headed on to
some "wall" near the river
where we took lots of other shots and photoshoots
The walls left behind since the olden days

as we climbed up the walls
we found a few canons left behind
and i couldn't resist from:
AHHH orgasmic! WTF

and WAIT!!

theres more!
OMG this looks so wrong!
its as if i'm getting poked from behind LOL WTF
group shot with the canons
Group shot beside the walls

and now for the photoshoots:
Michelle and I
Howard and Michelle
On the bridge
Me Jason and Xiang on some watermill or something

so we headed back to the hotel and had dinner
and as for the night

we headed to the Eye On Malaysia
to get night shots
and of course to go on it!

and it was beautiful!
The Eye On Malaysia
Camwhoring before the ride
Inside one of the cabins
Michelles Orgasmic face lol wtf

so after the ride we had our last photo:
our group photo

the 2nd day will be continued in the next post=)
stay tuned!

Picture credits to Xiang, Jason & Howard



Jacquelyn Ho said…
how come ur pics all look uhm, stretched? haha not sure how to explain it but yeah, something like that lol
Anonymous said…
hey dropped by from innit. How's the trip?
Loo Yi Han said…
Helloo! :)
Nice meeting you that day too!
Love that toe touch picture btw (Y)
jocelyncoco said…
0omg your fly shot memang geng XD~*
Nikel Khor said…
photo pro....look great..

Nikel Khor
Samuel C said…
Jac: yeah i dont know what size to resize xiangs photos =S

A Dainty Summer: it was awesome =) u should do this kinda trips also XD

Yi Han: yeah nice to meet u too and sorry if u felt i'm crazy...its cos I AM LOL =) hehe thx XD

Coco: its actually a transition of a twist =) thx hehe

Nikel: the photographers are howard xiang and jason =) i not so keng