Kristine's 21st birthday

The Title says it all!
Kristine is officially 21 on the 4th of Jan 2010!

Kristine's parents had an awesome dinner party for her
as they reserved 18 tables
for her birthday at Golden Suns Club located at Kuchai Lama
as its a Chinese belief that a teenager becomes a grown up at the age of 21

there were plenty of guest
and there was a great buffet line prepared
for this birthday girl's celebration!

Kristine was nice enough to invite me and some other bloggers
to her 21st birthday
and we had an awesome dinner and lots of alcohol

I'll let the pictures describe the rest
The Birthday Girl Kristine
The Restaurant
The Buffet Line
The backdrop
Absinthe was served! how awesome is that?
The Table Deco
(the rose is added as Kristine is known as Solitary Rose)
The Bloggers
Flora and I
Kristine's 2 Tier Birthday Cake
Giving her speech
Kristine and her parents
Jackie, Me, Suresh, Xiang, Jacquelyn and Yi Han

and to end this post
i officially cut my balls as i've
became a girl and camwhored in the girls toilet with
Jacquelyn, Samantha, Yuyan & Adrienne

so once again
i just wanna say
Happy birthday Kristine! You're OLD!!