Hatyai trip Day 2

Continuing my previous post on Hatyai

For the 2nd day
We headed over to Songkra Beach
where it was another tourist attraction

Songkra beach is a beach you CANT swim in
as the waves are very choppy
and the winds over there are very strong
*totally messed our hair that day*

so i'll just start it up with the pictures at Songkra Beach
Walkway to the beach
Thinker? LOL
Customs Limit
Thats how strong the winds are
another poser! LOL
and the 3rd poser Ee Ling!
The beach area...look at the waves!
some rest house
The famous mermaid by the beach
Cat & Mouse Statue
Souvenir shops
This 3 guys make awesome artwork

if you're wondering
They make things out of paper!
some of the artwork
Kites Stall
Eggs & Peanuts seller
Fried stuff
Wind propeller thingi
Xiang's mom & Jamie (Xiangs niece)

So after sightseeing at the beach
We headed to temples all over Hatyai
and back to the city
to just do our last shopping trip and have lunch

and on the way back
we saw TERRORIST!!! like really!!
look at how they're dressed up!
i wont be surprised if they pull a gun out! LOL
The scenery from one of the temples

and for our lunch we had
none other than McDonalds!
well if you're wondering why
Thailand does serve better McD's food? LOL

such as:
Cheesy Fries
Pork Burger!

so as to finish this post
i will just say:
Ka Pun KAPPP!!!!

Thanks Again to Xiang & His Family for bringing me
for this trip



Nikel Khor said…
nice hatyai trip...i wan go..

from Nikel Khor
conan_cat said…
i think that it's customary for all people that go to thailand to take a picture with the McD guy with similar pose. xD

i took one 2 years ago, and i took another one this year, lulz.

seems like u had lotsa fun in Hatyai! :D

and first time dropping by, wow, now that's some real awesome poses that you put up! :D