Hatyai Trip Day 1

This is a super backdated post
as i didn't have much time to write

so anyways
during my 2 weeks road trip in December..
one of my destinations was to
Hat Yai, Thailand

And i would wanna give a really big
to Xiang who invited me
to Xiang's family who brought me there!

We started off our journey from Alor Star
where 4 cars convoy-ed all the way to Hat Yai
if you're wondering why 4 cars..Its cos nearly the whole family of Xiang came
Uncles Aunties and Cousins! Awesome stuff!

so we headed over to the immigration centre
to get our border crossing card and immigration stuff
The line
My visitors card

We left that place
and headed to the main area
which was the Customs

and it was totally packed with a lot of people lining up
to cross to Thailand for the weekend
The amount of People ZOMG ZOMG

so after about 1 hour of waiting
we finally was able to cross the border
and stopped at one of the Thailand restaurants for Lunch

and wow this is the 1st time
i'm eating real Authentic Thai / Northern cuisine
and DAMN it was spicy!
Some sort of Spicy Soup
The Famous Thai Green Curry

the best part about Thailand
is that the food is CHEAAPPPPPPPPPPP

We had 2 servings of each picture above
and also with other dishes that i didn't take pictures of
There were 22 of us
and the bill came up to only RM200
and we were stuffed till there was quite a lot of leftovers ZOMGZ!

so after lunch we took about an hours journey
to the main city Hatyai

We checked into our hotel, Paradise Hotel
which was located at the outer part of Hatyai
and it costed less than RM100 per room
and the service was really cozy
The front
The pool area
The evening lights

So as evening came
we headed to the city area of Hatyai
where there are a lot of the shopping complexes,
cheap flea markets, massage parlors and of course good food!

we took a cab and headed for dinner at one of the restaurants there
if this cab was in KL...
there would be plenty of casualties! LOL
Steamed Fish
Toufoo with Veggies
*i don't know what is this but its awesome LOL*
Pork knuckles

So after dinner
we walked around the complexes
shopping around where Xiang bought new clothes and shoes
while i bought a pair of Jeans
The discounts were tremendous where my
Jeans was discounted from RM180-Rm70
I'm a happy man!

and after shopping we headed around buying more food
and sightseeing around the place
Famous Durian Rice & Mango Rice
Fried stuffs
Grilled Squid
Grilling Process

So as we headed back to the hotel
We got a bit of rest
and headed out for more nightlife!
where only Adults are invited LOL
lol i know what you're thinking BUT NO
we didn't go to those type of shows LOL

We went to Paragon Club
as it was one of the most famous tourist attractions
But sadly it wasn't my cup of tea
as the music was like super techno with beats so crazy
and the models that were dancing
were so unattractive haha
Xiang & I at Paragon
The Club

So as most of us got bored of the place
we headed out to the City Centre
to enjoy the live bands that were playing in the bars
and it was so much better compared to the club!
Xiang's cousin Ee Ling
Xiang's Relatives

So as the night ended
we headed back to get our rest

Thats all for this post
Day 2 will be continued soon!



cr3ap said…
Wow such nice delicacies of foods. OMG! Can't resist it.

Regards from cr3ap
Chris Thoo said…
sam berdating with xiang..:P
Samuel C said…
Cr3ap: yeah its awesome food =)

Chris: LOLL...*shhhh* dont tell vic LOL
Wen Pink said…
wah so nice!! xiang's family is so nice!! lucky weih~ next time bring me also weih~ hahaha jkg jkg :P