Fishing trip at Semenyih

College has started for a week
and since this is my final term its been rather stressful
and of course killing the brain cells one by one

So as for chilling purposes
i was able to go on a fishing trip to Semenyih

Everyone would always ask

well its the only sport that can make you relax
as you just don't need to do anything but wait for a bite=)
hence you chill your mind off everything else

We headed off for an hour drive to Sungai Tekala, Semenyih
Its located near Nirvana Memorial Park
and as for our journey there
it was rather shitty
as Joshua's Car gave problems
as the whole car died in the middle of the journey
only yet to find out that..

His Air cond is sucking up too much battery
and he didn't fill his black oil WTH =.=
Stopping to check the car
Look at the wires
random rocks
stoning while he went to buy oil

So anyways
after the car was topped up and the Air Cond was switched off
We continued our journey
and finally reached our destination which is
Sungai Tekala Fishing Pond

The charges there per fishing rod is RM35/6 hours
and RM5 per subsequent hour
common fish species over there are:
Talapia, Rohu, Pacu, Patin
and the fish can weigh up to 15kg per fish!! especially the Patin

so lets show the pics:
beautiful isn't it?
My Rod
Another shot of the pond
Sexay Legs
Chung, Me, Yun Sin, Joshua
Yun Sin & I
Chung & Yun Sin
Joshua & Yun Sin
Bait of the day:
Bread with Banana/Strawberry Sauce

*back to basics as we were lazy to do concoctions*

Chung's 1st fish which is a bloody small talapia

Well it was meant to die anyway
as small fish like that are given to the cats that live in this area
As the line was being tugged a little
*just getting ready to reel up the fish*
This is a classic shot
As all 3 of us caught fish at the same time!
The amount of Rohu's we caught
3 Fisherman in action!

so it was an awesome trip
and the best part about all the fish caught is
that it is really fresh and its mighty good for eating
*beside the fact that Rohu's has a lot of bones*

that wraps it up for this post



Victoria said…
Arrrghhh! See the bloody fish, so kecian.
cr3ap said…
Woa, it seems fun wor. Fishing, never tried it before. If got chance I will drop by at Semenyih then.

egards from cr3ap
Samuel C said…
Victoria: lol it was meant to die...chung stepped on it LOL

Cr3ap: hehe yeah try fishing =) but you must get your own rods as they dont provide rods for you =)
Nikel Khor said…
its too relax ur life thr..

from Nikel Khor
Mr.K said…
i oso like to go to Seri Bayu...and that is my feberet place man...last time i fishing there i got a cat fish weight above 5 out dude ...heaviest fish in there can exceed 15 kilos if not mistaken..Pacu n Patin
Samuel C said…
Nikel Khor: of course...its to destress myself LOL

Mr.K: my biggest was about 4 kilos only haha...lets c if we both can catch that big ass fish!