Esther's 19th birthday

On the 14th of Jan..

We headed over to Laundry @ Curve after dinner
as we celebrated Joshua's girlfriend, Esthers Birthday
it was a crazy night as everyone was drinking

*just drinking coke as i had a competition the next day*
Damn saddening wei =(

so as the clock stroke 12
We had awesome waiters joining us to sing the birthday song
and just had more drinks after that!
Esther with her cake
Esther and I
Eunice and I
*i really had no idea where my finger was pointing to*
Chung & Joshua
Ruba & Jay
Mervyn & Esther
A shithole mixture made for Esther
*Coke + Red Bull + Whiskey + Birthday Cake*
Esther was drunk enough to waste her ciggy
Playing drinking games

Well so thats all for this post
and again



Anonymous said…
生活總是起起伏伏,心情要保持快樂才好哦!! .........................................
Nikel Khor said…
wo...18+ can drink wine n alcohol..

from Nikel Khor