Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge

On the 9th of January 2009,
Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge was held at 1 Utama
and as for me and my team
we were one of the 25 teams that were selected for this event!

Introducing Team 1Koolz!
Team members comprise of:

The whole team headed over to Mardigras at 2.30pm
as the registration started at that time.
Every Team registered was given a Digi Broadband modem
for us to blog about the event.
There were only a few teams present at that time..
as usual its Malaysian Timing
and the dress code for this event is Yellow since its a Digi Event
nearly everyone came in their yellow outfits
Some wore hats, masquerade masks and
some even came with yellow raffia skirts

And 1Koolz wasn't left behind as we customized our shirts
by airbrushing the shirts with spray paints!

And here it is:
Team 1Koolz Front
Team 1Koolz Back

So as we were waiting for the other contestants to arrive, we headed inside Mardigras
and we saw plenty of familiar faces. We started to Camwhore to waste time and also tested out the Digi Internet Broadband that was provided there

and these are a few pictures of the other bloggers:

This photo is so Epic!
as it states like: 1Koolz...The End =.=
Being Crazy

So at about 3.40pm
All the teams arrived and the final briefing was given to us about this challenge

So for this Challenge
We're supposed to complete 8 Challenges at
different parts of 1 Utama
and our goal is to do it Fast, Creative & of course
to Score the most points!
and our last task is to blog about it and also
upload some pics and videos to facebook
at the end of the 8 tasks

And in the briefing..
we were told that Everyone doesn't go back empty handed!
As Digi is so awesome and generous,
They threw in Prizes for the best team for each task
So there are an additional 8 prizes to be won
for the teams that scored the best in the 8 tasks!

And furthermore..
Everyone was given a Limited Edition Prepaid Internet Sim Card!
thats awesome!

so to go to the pictures:
The Emcee
The participants
Briefing on the tasks we're supposed to do

After the briefing was done
We were released from Mardigras and we rushed over to the stations for our challenges

So for the 1st Challenge
1Koolz headed over for the challenge:

Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Swatch

In this challenge, We're supposed to make a 30 second commercial including
the taglines of Digi Broadband and Swatch
So as Random and crazy as we could be,
We created a commercial based on Internet Speed with Digi Broadband
The Commercial shooting
Our Video

So after our commercial was shot
We headed out to Rainforest for our 2nd Challenge
which was:

Digi Internet Pimp My Day with Bullseye!

What else could you think of bullseye?
The 1st impression anyone would have is Archery
But we were so wrong!

It has the same concept of Archery but instead of using bows and arrow,
we're using a blow pipe!!
Our Aim for this challenge is to score the highest points
through shooting darts to the score board

But sadly it wasn't easy
and we didn't score very well in this Challenge
But still it was really fun to do things we didn't do before!
Jackie Aiming towards the score board

As we were in Rainforest
We headed for our 3rd Challenge which is located also at Rainforest
which is:

Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Nokia

This Challenge is about finding clues and solving the code
by watching a Digi Video in a Nokia 3g Phone.
This code was rather easy and we solved it perfectly
Looking at the video to find out the answer

So we found out that the answer to the code is Broadband Done Right

As our challenges in Rainforest were done
We headed to the Digi Centre which is located near to Cold Storage in the New Wing
for our next challenge which was

Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Digi

Our Challenge this time was to
find 2 songs from the Digimusic Website
We had to find a song from Lady Gaga and a song from Akon
and put it into a new playlist on the website
and our goal is to achieve the fastest time for this challenge
Searching for the songs on Digimusic.com.my

So as we were done with this challenge
We headed to take a lift to the upper roof for our next challenge
and it was super surprising as
My sisters team came into the lift at one of the floors
A surprise
Cramming in the lift

so as we reached the upper roof
Our Challenge this time is

Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Battling Cages

Battling Cages is an arena for baseball.
Baseballs are thrown to you automatically with machines

So as for us, we had to wait 15 minutes as there were still 3 teams in the waiting list
We were able to get some rest as we were running really fast in the mall

And also we were able to get some jump shots
Team 1kool!
Look at our leg levels...
it looks like a staircase!
Our photographers

Oh yeah i didn't tell you guys that we actually had 4 awesome photographers
that volunteered to follow us throughout the whole challenge

And our photographers were:

so after our jump shots, it was finally our turn

Our Goal for this Challenge is to
hit the baseball forward when it is thrown
Every ball hit forward will score a point for the team
Everyone in the team had to participate and everyone
had 15 opportunities to hit the ball.

And more than that, there are 4 Digi logos
pasted at the end of the cage
and if a batter was able to strike it,
it would be considered as a homerun and
that person would automatically receive a prize
Batting the balls

Sadly we didn't receive any prizes as none of us hit the home run

But of course as consolation:
I got one baseball LOL!

as we left the place and to our surprise AGAIN
a team sabotaged our lift before they came out

so anyways we headed down for our next challenge which is the:

Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Mardigras

and for this challenge, we were in a nick of time
as this challenge is specifically from 4.15-5.30pm
and we arrived about 5pm+

So for this challenge, We're supposed to Dance for 30 seconds
based on the theme "athletic"

So with poles provided..we started climbing up and down and jumping around!
We're climbing!

so for our 7th Challenge, it is the:

Digi Internet Pimp My Day With Quiksilver

For this challenge we're supposed to dress up in the clothes
provided by Quiksilver and Roxy and take a photo of ourselves
The best dressed based on creativity and style would be the winner of this challenge

so here is our pic:
Biker Chick, Deejay, Homosexual & College Kid

As for our Final Challenge
we headed to Celebrity Fitness as it was:

Digi Pimp My Day With Celebrity Fitness

all four of us were supposed to run 0.8km on the threadmill
and achieve the fastest time
The Time of all four will be added together and divided to get the rounded up time

As for Xiang and I, We're long distance runners so this was quite an easy task for us
Run baby run!

So as we completed all our challenges we headed back to Mardigras
to blog about it and to enjoy the rest of the night
heading back to Mardigras

As we reached Mardigras, We saw a lot of bloggers that were busy blogging
rushing on their blogs and pictures as time was running out

and the best part is..
There were so many teams that forgot to bring their chargers for their laptops
There were about 4 teams who asked me for my charger since
i'm an Acer user and I dont know how many other teams didn't bring their chargers

So anyways
Amazingly we were able to finish it by the deadline at 8.30pm that
night and only to find out..
Digi Lengthen the deadline till 12am the next day

I feel its unfair for the bloggers that were on time as
we die die to finish it fast and to only find out our time is lengthen
and we don't even get a prize for finishing it on time *sulks*

anyways after the blogging session was over
Dinner was served and there were awesome performances that took place
at Mardigras such as:
Pole Dancing
KL Stompers Performance
One of their routines

so after the performances,
there was a prize giving session for the:

HP Mini + Win7 winners contest

and the teams who scored highest for each challenge
HP Mini + Win7 Winners

and i'm proud to say

1Koolz Won the
Digi Pimp My Day Challenge with Mardigras!!!
-Dont ask for the dance video as we didn't record it-
we were awarded Chilli's Cash Vouchers!

so as the event ended
The night continued with awesome spinning by the Deejay
and also with the free flow of beer that night!
The Deejay Rack
Free Flow Baby!
Being Crazy with Samantha

We stayed till Mardigras closed at 12
and here are the last 2 pictures of the day:
Guys Camwhoring in the male toilet
and also in the girls toilet LOL

So as for the results of the challenge
it shall soon be announced by Digi

May the best team win!

and Thx Digi & Nuffnang for everything! =)

picture credits to Jason, Xiang & Justin



Anonymous said…
Congraz to you guys! U got so many photographers u should have spare one to our team ma. Hahahahah
Samuel C said…
hahaa you should have asked =P LOL
we called them days before and they agreed LOL
hi said…
Doesn't look like a gals toilet.
lionel0008 said…
Finally found out abut your team.

You guys were a bit noisy at the lift after the baseball thing.

Still, we had fun.
Samuel C said…
Stephen: hrmmm not sure but it is LOL

lionel: haha yeah we're one crazy and noisy bunch LOL i think u learnt that 1st hand LOL