Color Me Corby!

Sometimes we all wonder
why a color? why would it suit us? and why is it our favourite?

well as for me...
I would choose:
white as the color to describe me

wondering why White?

if u didn't know
well white is the combination of the colors of the rainbow
the "going through the prism" thingi in science..

so yeah white is my favorite color
as it just makes me look clean and more innocent? LOLWTF
Trying to be an angel in white! LOL

Well about this post..
i would really say that
cheerleading, music and dance is the color of my life
and friends are the colors in my life..

now some would wonder Why this things?
well this things make up everything of me
From my passion of music, cheerleading and dance that accompanies my side and the friends that build me up and help me up time after time when i'm in need

So to start of first
The colors in my life:
This people that are very important in my life
and that i treasure the most is:
Evon, Rebecca, Simone & Wai Chun

and of course not forgetting my girlfriend which is:

So as for friends
they are varied in colors as they play a part in my life
in happy & sad times
They can be a bright color when i'm happy..
and maybe a dull one when i'm sad
This colors affect every part of me
and i really love this about them

and of course not forgetting the people that have accompanied me through:
high school
-Class of 5 Science 1-

-DH30 Group 4-

Xiang's Family that brought me to Thailand for a vacation

So as for the colors of my life

It is basically Music, Dance & Cheerleading

I've started music lessons since i was 4
and had my 1st dance class when i was 10
and was brought into the world of cheerleading when i was 13

as for music..
it plays a really big part of my life
as it shows much emotion in every note that i play and every song that i compose
It can be brought it so many colors and it shows who i am

One of the concerts i've performed at
Flight of the bumble bee
My song i've composed for Sherry when she left for Australia

As for dance
Its another part that is linked closely to music
as every style of dance is different
and i specially love Hip Hop, Breakdance, Contemporary & Freestyle

Dance is another color that can be put out
to show how I would feel
And its the passion for dance that i would keep on dancing
till my feet can't take it anymore
one of the dance performance
Another dance performance
Freestyling at Mid Valley

Another color that brightens up my life is Cheerleading
I've been in this sport for 6 years already

and it really builds me up as nearly everyone would ask:
"Sam, Why Cheerleading? You're a guy!"

Well nearly everyone would say that Cheerleading is a gay sport
well it isn't as it was started by the male community back in the early 1900's

I love cheerleading as its different
and everything about dance and music can be put together!

So as for me i've started out with a school team
and then furthered myself to be with Charm All Stars
which is also the Governing Body of Cheerleading in Malaysia

Cheerleading with them really brought many colors in my life
as our courage, sweat and enthusiasm brings out every part of us
and brings us to succeed in competitions and performances

Charm in 2007 at Bukit Jalil
Stunts we did in competitions and performances
Cheer 2007 Performance
The fun we had together doing the impossible
and of course i'm a certified "master level" coach

which brought me to coach high school teams for the national competition

and also coaching the team "MINT"
(Metropolitant - Inti - Nilai - Taylors)
to a 3 year victory in City Harvest Emerge Parade of Schools Competition

Parade of Schools is a combination of Cheerleading, Freestyle & Stomping
MINT in 2008
MINT 2008 Routine

and the last but not least that is another colour of me is:

Blogging is one of the main colors in my life
as it is used to show how i feel and i write every piece of happyness and rants
so that everyone can see!

I've been with Nuffnang for about a year +
and it was not regrettable!

And cos of Nuffnang
i'm able to go to many premieres and events
that is held in Malaysia and Singapore
am really thankful for all the opportunities Nuffnang has given!
Blogging Awards at Singapore
Meeting new Singaporean bloggers!
Craziness in Singapore
A Crazy Video for the Mcdonalds Competition
Dance Dance Revolution with Jessica
Malacca Trip with a few bloggers
Bloggers pot luck new year celebration at my house

So as for me
i'm just gonna say that there are so many colors in my life
and of my life

and there are more to come!



Samuel Chew Jianjian?? ehh yr china name.. very cute laa!! LOL.. =)
hi said…
A big thank you for your friendship.
Nikel Khor said…
ur happening moment is so so great..

Nikel Khor
Ruby said…
color of your life is the best sam.. u got it all.. my biggest wish is... keep moving on and live the moment!!