Color Me Corby @ Extreme park

Regarding my previous post, I was invited for the
Samsung Color Me Corby Event
at Extreme Park Sunway Lagoon
This event is a competition that is organized by Samsung and Nuffnang
where we could compete for the latest Colorful Corby phones!

The registration took place at 9.30am
where about 100 people turned up to compete in this competition
We were split into 4 teams of about 25 members each
based on the 4 colors of the new Samsung Corby
which are White, Yellow, Orange and Pink
Registration Table
The main Event area
Rebecca, Jacquelyn, Me, Jackie & Xiang
Team Pink!
Xiang, Samantha, Rebecca, Me

So as all the participants changed into our Colored Samsung Corby t shirts
We were served with a light breakfast
and was greeted by our Malaysian songwriter emcee
which is none other than:

He did the welcoming of the participants and emceed the event
and was more than hyped up for this event!

and after the introductions were done,
he introduced the one who put this all together
which is:
The Samsung Boss!

A man with little yet powerful words! Totally!

Briefing Time!

so as the event continued
we were briefed on what are we competing on
and we had 4 main challenges which are:

The Stomp the Yard Challenge
Tug of War Challenge
Rock climbing Challenge

& the most painful challenge of them all:
The Paint ball challenge!

Each challenge will be awarded points
and the winner would get 50 points
the 1st runner up with 20 points
and the 2nd runner up with 10 points

The points would be added up and the team with the most points
would bring back a whole new Samsung Corby

and for the 1st runner up team,
They would be awarded with RM2,500 in cash!

so lets go straight to the challenges!

For the 1st challenge up
it was Stomp the Yard!

well if you're is not a dance competition..
Its the game where every person has to tie a balloon on the ankle
and try to destroy the balloons on the other team
Team Yellow and Pink competing!
This is like a 4 on 1 and
obviously you can see team orange won this round
*look at vvens..on how she grabs the white team guy!*

So as for this challenge
1st place - Team Orange
2nd place- Team Pink
3rd place - Team Yellow

continuing with our 2nd challenge
Its the Tug of War!
and to make things harder
We did it inside the wave pool which was slippery
and obviously all the teams fought for the 1st place

and the results are:
1st place - Team Orange
2nd place - Team Pink
3rd place - Team White

so as for our 3rd challenge
It is the Rock climbing session!
As for the beginning the rules were simple
The team that takes down the most balloons in 10 minutes would be the winner
but yet to find out
Climbing this wall was freaking hard!
as the leg grips and hand grips are more towards the pro level

So Robb changed the rules where the participant
would just have to reach the top of the wall and shout CORBY!

and as for this challenge
1st place - Team Yellow
2nd place - Team White
3rd place - Team Orange

so as our 4th and LAST challenge
IT was the main reason most of us came
which was the Paint ball tournament!
The Paint ball arena
The Marshall explaining the rules for the tournament

So as for this challenge
Each team was required to send 2 teams that consisted of 5 people each

and for this game
There are special points awarded
as the Winner would get 100 points
and the 1st runner up would get 50 points!!

So technically this is our only shot to winning
as the winner of this tournament will most likely take back the Corby

So as we battled our hearts out by shooting our opponents down
and capturing the team flag

The winner was none other than Team Orange
and the runner up was Team Yellow

So as we finished the 4 challenges
we headed back to the main event area
where we were served buffet lunch
and proceeded with the prize giving ceremony

So as for the 1st runner up
it was:
Team Yellow which took away RM2,500 in cash!

and as for our Champion for this competition
it was:
Team Orange!
where each and every member got a new Samsung Corby each!

so as the event came to an end
All the teams gathered together and we had our last group shot together
All the 4 teams

so we lingered around
and managed to meet new faces and friends
Group picture

so as we left the place
the only "prize" I've got from this event is:
A huge love bite from Team Orange

but well i'm rather contented with this event
as we all had fun together
that wraps up this post

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aaron said…
hahahah really huge love bite.
Cayenne said…
hah. hows ur love bites now? hahahaha
gosh almost everyone has done with this event. left me. *sigh*
Jing Zhi said…
haha. i have more love bite. lol
Samuel C said…
aaron: yeah totally...but finally after a week its gone LOL

cayenne: its gone finally haha

mr duck: lol but at least not in the so obvious places rite? XD
Kellaw said…
wuah. i love your love bite le. gf got jealous anot?
cr3ap said…
Wow a big bruise from the paintball :D Nice.

Regards from cr3ap