Astro B.yond Bloggers Night!

13th January 2010 marks an important date in the
history of Astro as some of us bloggers were the first to witness the 1st
Malaysian High Definition Television Commercial for Astro B.yond
at the Astro B.yond Bloggers Night
held at Modesto's, Desa Sri Hartamas

Astro B.yond is the latest package from Astro which enables
5 selected channels to be viewed in High Definition (HD)
and the channels will become Astro SuperSport HD,
HBO HD, National Geographic Channel HD,
History Channel HD & ESPN HD

This will enable the viewers of the channels to experience richer colours, picture-perfect clarity and cinematic surround sound. And coming side by side with it, a new and improved Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) designed for better viewer interface will be introduce

so as for the event, it started at 7.30pm at Modesto's
and it was an awesome place with awesome music to go along with the event.
with bloggers and press pilling in the place...
there was easily about 100-200 people in Modesto's

So as i and Xiang entered the place
we were greeted by friendly and awesome nuffies
that gave us goodie bags and let us sign the Astro B.yond Board

so heres a few pictures:
Goodie Bags prepared for us
Everyone scribbling their new year resolutions on the board
The Stage
The Bar
A crime scene designed for us
The table piece

So as the event was packed up with plenty of bloggers and press
The event started with a speech given by the COO of Astro
Astro COO Mr Henry

and he explained on what Astro B.yond is all about

so as for the 5 main features of Astro b.yond,
it is:
An Experience like never before
Astro B.yond, Malaysia's first High-Definition broadcast, brings you a complete sensory experience – sharper pictures, more vibrant colours, cinematic surround sound, and a wider screen. Combined, it gives you crystal clear details and a viewing experience like never before.
To See like never before:
Astro B.yond will have Crisp and Crystal Clear images, Broadcasting at 720p and 1080i, Astro B.yond offers at least twice the resolution and 5 times greater detail, sharpness and clarity. and also with Astro B.yond , you'll get lifelike images with greater true to life colours.
To hear like never before
Astro B.yond will have cinematic surround sound system by
Dolby Digital Technology. You're able to Watch your favourite shows
on Astro B.yond with Dolby Digital technology, recreating the multi-dimensionalwaudio experience you get in the cinema, right in your living room.
To Feel like never before
Astro B.yond provides a spectacular widescreen
viewing which is an adventure for the senses
Astro B.yond broadcasts images in a 16:9 aspect ratio, which allows
you to enjoy panoramic widescreen viewing that most closely
emulates the human field of vision.

and last but not least:
To touch like never before!
alright i know the picture seems crazy lol!
but anyways:

Touch like never before is a user friendly navigation
coming together with Astro B.yond
which Incorporates new features eg. 7 days’ programme guide
, for amazing & one-touch convenience.

so after the explanations by the COO of Astro
The new advertisement of Astro B.yond was played not once but twice!
for us bloggers to see the awesomeness of Astro Byond
part of the Astro B.yond advertisement

so moving on
Dinner was served after the advertisement
and the bloggers and media were able to eat to their hearts content
and during dinner, there was a percussion performance to entertain us
and it was superb!
A waiter serving pizzas
The buffet dinner
performance by the percussian group

so as the night went on
i was able to meet up with other bloggers
and also to meet new faces that i've never seen before!
and it went on with a whole series of camwhoring!
The new bloggers i know
Alice, Rabiatul, Zaid, Zaila & I

and this is rare sight as
finally for the 1st time
i managed to bully shaz! LOL
he is the DJ/Tea Coffee Maker/Janitor of X-Fresh FM
*so he claims*

so moving on for the finale of the night
if you were wondering what the Crime Scene Investigation picture up there was
it is actually an ACTUAL CRIME SCENE set up for us to play the game

This game is based on a facebook game created by astro
and astro will also sellect 10 winners from this facebook game
to win an LG 32" HD TV & a year subscription to Astro Byond!
so if you wanna play this game
head over to:
As you can see..It looks like a murder that happened
and we were supposed to find the murderer that is on the loose over there

we split up into groups of 5's
and were given a magnifying glass per group
to find clues all over Modesto's

as there were very tiny words written on pieces of laminated papers
located all around the Modesto's
And the tiny words will soon lead to the murderer!

And after the murderer has been found by the winning team
the team will compete against each other with a series of Q & A session
and the winner will walk away with:

A Brand New LG 32" LG HDTV
An Astro B.yond Set
and a free subscription for a year!
My Team which comprises of
Wen Pink, Suresh, Feeq, Justin & Me
The Clues we found around the restaurant

and so after about 20-30 minutes of figuring out the murderer
Shaolin Tiger's group found the murderer which led them to the series of Q & A's

and after the Q & A session
the winner was none other than:
who walked away with the grand prize!

and the Nuffies demonstrated on how the murder happened LOL

so as the night came to an end
we took our last group shot
Group shot by Jason aka Smashpop

it was an awesome event
and there is the last contest for the bloggers who went for this event
as the 2 best bloggers who blogged on this event
will also walk away with a
32" LG HDTV & a year of free subscription to Astro B.yond!

May the best blogger get it!



wen pink said…
HAHAHAHAH it was so nice to be able to TOUCH uuu!! HAHAHHA!!! *evil*
hi said…
HAHA! Your grp photo looks hilarious!
Loo Yi Han said…
LOL! I like the crime scene part XD
KwOnG FeI said…
hey thanks for making a formal introduction..
as i was anti social that night, i didnt really talk much to you..
sorry for that..
and great to meet you..
perhaps we shall see each other in another event..
Nikel Khor said…
i here u from AStro...hope u can win one

from Nikel Khor
EVo said…
nice meeting u dude. i had no idea u wanted to bully shaz so much HAHA
Samuel C said…
wen pink: teehee yeah it felt great didn't it? XD

Stephen: its courtesy of Jason =)

Yihan: yeah me too XD play the fb game =)

Himmat: yeaps it is

Kwong Fei: dont worry i was a bit spaced out that day too...yeah the next event =) hehe

Nikel: thx man

Evo: yeah after all the bullying he did to me...this is a start hehe
Emeryn said…
hey, nice coverage. Wen Pink n Suresh's photo so funny.
Samuel C said…
Emeryn: yeah it is =) LOL