Tm Party!

Well as Tm's Event day is over
There was a appreciation party held at
Rainforest Borneo Club, Sunway

didn't take much pictures
as i was pretty lazy that day

but the amount of work that TM actually put into
this campaign was humongous as we saw the video
that showed all the work and effort TM staff put into it

really feels great to be in such an awesome project!

So as for us we had an
awesome buffet dinner
and had local performances again

the pictures of the night:
Bunkface performing
Buffet YUMZ!
Me & Jessica
who was writing with me for TM
Kevin from Singapore & Chung
Me and Ying Zhi
all the way from Singapore

thats all for this post



atreyu strange said…
Aiyaa.. I couldn't bring anyone, so I didn't go. Wahh.. Miss the food! Hahaha..