Tar College SBS night...

Tar College recently had is SBS night
which stands for School of Bull Shit (quoting someone) LOL

nehz its actually
School of Business Studies =)

its supposed to be a so called "prom"
and it was held in their own hall
with the theme
"Garden of Eden"

Where the guys supposed to wear Formal
while the girls supposed to come in floral dresses

I was invited by my one and only Victoria
as she was going there to accompany Amelia & Steven

so lets start up:
The Tickets that night
My darling Victoria
Amelia & Victoria

So as for the night
i wasn't expecting much as the tickets were relatively cheap

and honestly
i felt it was a disastrous event

As 1stly

For the guys
80% came in jeans with t shirts or shirts WTF?

For the girls
about 15% wore floral Dresses
60% wore evening gowns & dresses
10% came in t shirts, shorts & jeans skirts etc etc

So yeah it was rather an eyesore that night
as based on simple instructions
You cant even follow the dress code? WTH

another factor thats disastrous is The buffet system
There were only 3 Buffet counters to cater to 1000 people
So its like an average of 333 people/counter?

And the best part is They only provided food for like 500 people?
And the 2nd replenishing of food came 1 HOUR late
leaving about half the crowd starving for an hour

The Swimming Pool Area
One of the buffet lines WTHH
The other buffet counter
mini drinks?

so as this event was really making me feel that Tar College
is really shitty in its organizing

I headed out with Victoria
to get a decent meal outside the campus
at Wangsa Maju
and that really made my night

So we came back after our dinner
and the dance floor started to be "opened"

One peculiar thing about Tar-ians
is that it seemed like they never clubbed before
well thats just my thoughts
The Dance Floor

The dance floor was only opened for like what?
6 songs?
zzz thats considered very little
and they ended the night early

so as the night ended
we just headed t take some group photos
Amelia, Steven, Me, Victoria
Close up pic

Well i can just say that this was quite a terrible event
that I've ever attended

A Prom supposed to be exclusive
The planning by the organizers was quite terrible
and the people that failed to follow the dress code was MORE THAN TERRIBLE!

so yeah =.=
This would be my 1st and last impression of TAR College Events



Victoria said…
LOL!!! But his girlfriend very highclass but no money so kena kicked into TARC fml!!!
jun said…
haha...dropping by and saw your post about my ex-college. Agree with you most tarcian just suck at organizing and they totally do not know what is prom night at all. le sigh~
Aidi-Safuan said…
haha...maybe they didn't had enough budget probably.
Samuel C said…
vic: yes i know u high class =)

jun: yeah it was sucky =S hopefully it'll change in da future

aidi: hrmm dont think so lo
Wil C said…
Haha..i was an ex-Tarcian and i didn't even bother to attend any of those events..
PS: 80% of the time parties suck big time.

Yea..no proms.... *i wouldn't want to mention anymore right now..hmmph!*