Penang's hard rock cafe & Lilmejo!

so as for my road trip i was talking about in the few previous post
I'm finally back to blog about it!

i wont write in sequence as

so anyways this is my 3rd destination on my road trip
which is Penang!
as this is a simultaneous post with another 2 bloggers!

Me and Xiang headed to Penang
for a day trip
as some people ffk-ed
hence our accommodation is gone! LOL

so as for our 1st stop:
It is Queensbay mall
where we had our lunch, a little shopping and some photoshoot takes

The photoshoot pics over here will be posted much later =)

so anyways for the other pics:
Queensbay Mall Decoration
Dome Cafe
Chicken Ham Baguette
Seafood Chowder thingi

so after our trip to Queensbay Mall

We headed over to Gurney Plaza
where we met up with one of our fellow cute blogger
which is none other than

so as we were in Gurney Plaza
we enjoyed one of the funniest things
that brought back childhood memories!

which is:
a Dragon Ball Z Performance!!

so as for the time we spent with Jolyn at Gurney Plaza
we just took a few Christmas shoots
at the Christmas tree outside Gurney Plaza=)
Jolyn & Boyfriend
Bullying Lilmejo
Random pose
and lastly our Jump shot!

so as it was already quite late

Me and Xiang headed on to Hard Rock Cafe
which is our main reason of coming to Penang
as there is good food and good music
and is widely recommended by everyone

so here it is:
Hard Rock Hotel
Hard Rock Cafe
Xiang's half chicken
my barbecued half chicken
whats more to ask then a glass of wine with great food?
Xiang Attacking the chicken
The Live band!
everyone dancing to YMCA
The peeps running to the floor!
The Crowd doing a train
even the elderly can dance!

so this ends my Penang post on Hard rock cafe and Lilmejo!

Picture Credits to Xiang



jocelyncoco said…
i finally went for dinner at hard rock after see many of u went there...all i can say is WOWWWWWWWWWW nice wei!!!i like the brownies too!!!!*-*
Wooi... thx alot ^^" I got Wondergirls virus ady!! Even my sis got their song stuck in her head.. Oish.. LOL

See u again Next time!! Toodles!!
Ken Wooi said…
ah penang.. food heaven! =D
Nikel Khor said…
bambo bambo at hard rock cafe

here me at Nikel Khor
Seems like the vertical photo in this blog post are being widen and it makes you guys looks fatter than actual ;p
Samuel C said…
coco: yeah its a damn awesome place =D come lets go there again =D

Jolyn: LOL yeah wondergirls babeh! i want nobody nobody but you~~

kenwooi: yes it is =D i gained like 7kg =.=

Nikel Khor: oooh thats the name of the band? thx =D

Tian: yeah i resized it wrongly and it came like that =.=